Home Improvement V.3

I keep getting a bill from a medical group saying my insurance is not responding. The idiots in their billing dept keeps trying to bill my insurance under the name "Baby Boy xxx." Yeah, like that's going to fly. The idiots don't even have a number in which I could call them and tell them to bill the insurance under the name V xxx. Ugh! I'm annoyed! And speaking of bills. It's that time of the month. I'll be gathering all my bills to pay tomorrow.

It's getting so freaking hot, I can't take it. I feel so sticky and sweaty within a hour of waking up in the morning. I think I may have passed my grossy sweat gene to K as he gets sweaty really quickly as well. Its so gross! Thank god I just get sweaty and not smelly. I would offend myself and would be forced to live in a perpetual AC confine. Speaking of AC we bought a window unit this weekend. It's nice it cools the front of the house rather nicely without turning the joint into a refridgerator. I think this coming weekend I'll buy a small unit for our bedroom which would do fine working double duty cooling the kids room as well (they are right across the very small hall). I haven't been cracking the windows during the day for fear that my house will only feel hotter when I get home. However I will try cracking a select few windows tomorrow and see how it goes. Hopefully it won't be an oven!

Tomorrow our new kitchen cabinets and appliances will be delivered. Yippee! T and I will be demoing the kitchen on our own, which I think will be so liberating! And the remodeling of the kitchen will begin on June 16. I can't wait. We chose a nice rich brown colored cabinets and sleek brushed stainless hardware to match all the new stainless appliances. We're finally getting a dishwasher and disposal. Yeah, we're catching up with the modern age and my lovely dishpan hands will thank me later. The floors are in and they look fantabulous. I'll have to take a nice picture when the sun is filtering in to get the full effect of the color, so expect that soon. I think that having the floor in is already making a difference for all of us. Not much sneezing and itchy watery eyes are a thing of the past.

Okay, what else??? Over the weekend we were driving around looking to see what homes were for sale in a neighborhood we want to live in (just about a mile away). Anyway we noticed a ton of cars parked all over the normally empty street. Then we noticed guys in white shirts, bow ties and black vests were running about. Yep, valet drivers. We both said, someone is having a big party. We took a guess at who it was, and we were right. Anyway, there some "ladies" in attendance that were to cheap to valet, and we saw one. All chocolate in color with gold hair (ala beyonce) and the tiniest, tightest dress i ever saw, and she was standing beside her car oiling herself up. I kid you not. Oil in the left hand while the right massaged it in. It was all class baby! It sure did pick up my day.

I've got my poor child addicted to the Booty. Priate Booty that is. That stuff is addicting as hell. All cheezy and puffy. I try to buy him the Veggie Booty more then the pirate for a snack. The veggie is puffy but is comprised of kale, spinach, broccoli and is so yummy. He's a little monster when he sees the puff. He makes no qualms about stuffing his face fearlessly. Its super cute.


  1. I love Pirate's Booty. It's the only reason I would ever willingly set foot into a Trader Joe's. Although I've found I can now get them at Ralph's so I might never have to go to TJs again.

  2. all babies born in hospitals are called Baby Boy/Baby Girl, because at the moment they are born the hospital does not have a name. Hospital bills for infants are generated by their medical record number.