Case of the Monday's

It's Monday! T's department has moved into the Burbank office. Sure lightens my load. I now have help in the morning, taking the kids to daycare. We can take one car. The SUV will get to "rest' in the driveway during the week. And I can see my hubby during lunch and have a kid-free meal. Which is the best part of it.

Wether or not the "terrible two's" thing is real or not K is really living up to the title. He is crazy. That little boy has gotten a major serge of energy over the last couple of weeks. He has also become very stubborn. Whew...all I can really say is WHAT. A. HANDFUL. I won't divulge the play by play. But those of you with kiddies, I'm sure you know. V on the otherhand, he's got a little toothie coming in. That familiar little white bump under his gum is surfacing. He's cranky. And to top it off he has a post nasal drip. I need to call the doc and see if I can give him some allergy medicine (for the post nasal drip) or something else to help allieviate some of that grossness.

The kitchen is looking fantabulous. The cabinets are in place. The counters are tiled, except for the edges. Upper cabinets need to be fitted into place along with the appliances. We have a working sink and disposal. And I'm so glad i got rid of the double sink! I hated it. I got a single, very deep sink instead and it is awesome. The floor has been swept but they do need to be cleaned. From all the debris that was in there a lot of it is stuck on the ground but that's an easy peasy clean up. Slowly but surely things are falling into place. Our painting contractor will be painting some samples on the exterior for us to look at. So excited. I feel like once the house is painted it will be like an entirely new place. I took some pics yesterday so hopefully i'll get around at posting it soon.

And in case you are keeping score for the World Cup. This is how the teams are narrowing down.


  1. Piper cut her first tooth this weekend and her nose is running like a faucet. I can completely relate.

  2. I can't stand double sink either. The big pan/pot can never fit it in.