Ay Yie Yie

I'm totally afraid of my kitchen. We've recently christened it "The Black Hole." I know it will get better, hopefully a big stride will be made today, and ultimately it will be awesome. The dry wall is up, the window holes have been reframed and today the floor is suppose to go down. The plumber will be finishing up today, he's putting in new and improved drain pipes. Our old pipes were warped, narrow and as you can see in yesterday's posting filled with some nasty-ass black sludge!!!!!! We had one load of garbage picked up on Saturday. I had originally hired some guy (gotta love craig's list) to come pick up and haul all the demo stuff but our gardner had a garbage/metal hauler friend who came and picked up the old stove, old washer and dryer (one of the needles in my side), pipes and miscellaneous metal goods all for free! We are left with a little bit of debris which isn't to bad. Apparently our gardner offered to get rid of the debris for a cheaper price then the garbage/hauler guy we found on craigs list. So we'll see, we're running out of space so someone, anyone needs to come pick up some trash for us.

On top off all that K turned out to be allergic to his antibiotics and developed a nasty head to toe, bumpy rash. Yuck! He's home today. We took him to urgent care yesterday and to the regular doctor today. He needs some Benadryl for the rash and since he had a very uncomforting cough the doc also prescribed an inhaler (his liquid albuterol wasn't working) and something called an aero-chamber (sp?) for him to breathe with. Yikes!

Now I'm at work. Gotta haul ass since I'll be working from home tomorrow and taking care of the small fry.

Luckily V is in tip top shape!!!!

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