Randomness, Again

I've been so swamped with work stuff that the last thing I want to do is put together coherent paragraphs so I'll just bullet point.
  • K's cast is off! He was such a good boy. He didn't cry at all when they took the saw to his arm. I think he may have been a bit "caught off guard." He was very much intrigued for the weird doctor pliers used on him to split open the sawed crack. The only time he cried was when we were taking x-rays and we had to straighted out his arm. The nurse tech explained that the straightening was most likely hurting him more then anything since his arm was stiff from being in a bent position for 3-weeks. Anyway, according to the x-rays everyting was healed, the bone had grown in and K didn't need to be recast. Yeah!
  • I was a big advocate of Indie 103.1, especially the Mighty Morning Show hosted by Dickie Barret. Nowadays, no Mighty Morning Show. Dickie was fired. Clear Channel clamped down on their rules and Dickie did something they deemed not right and off he goes. The morning radio show has been recently hosted by Joe Escalante from the Vandals and its just not the same. Joe had his own afternoon law show which I enjoyed but I'm not enjoying him as a morning DJ. The music variety isn't the same and the station is starting to play more and more mainstreamish stuff. Everything that drew me into the station is starting to disappear and its making me sad. In recent days I've only been listening to my IPod in the car.
  • I think V has inherited my seasonal allergies. I noticed that his eyes get watery on certain days, just like me.
  • K likes spicy taquitos. I'm convinced Mexican is his favorite food.
  • My and T's five year anniversary is on Friday, Cinco de Mayo. For the first time we're actually decided to buy each other gifts.
  • We finally picked our exterior house paint colors. I've looked at the three color swatches painted on the back of my house at various times of the day. At every viewing I'm still drawn to the exact same color.
  • Mom will most likely come up for another visit at the end of May beginning of June which means T and I may get to see Alkaline Trio

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