Post Momma's Day

I had a nice weekend. Spent a lot of it psuedo-cleaning. What I mean is that. I did some cleaning but mostly organizing, moving furniture and toys in preperation of our window installation today and tomorrow. On Saturday morning we hadd the floor guy come buy for an estimate. The price was great, he told us a good, reasonably priced place to go to buy our floor. We decided on using engineered wood instead of laminate or hardwood. And he will be able to install the baseboard moulding. And the best part is we don't have to wait to long and will be able to start work next week. Woo Hoo!

On Friday we had the estimate for the exterior paint job on the house. It was a little higher then expected but decided to go with them. We know there is a lot of sanding/patching/minor repair needed on the stucco and since this place is normally cheaper then a regular painting service we did sign with them. We're going through a service that provides management training/internships for college students and they give those students college scholarships and such. We liked the cause and thus made our decision to use them. Unfortunately, they are pretty busy so we won't be getting our house painted for two months. But on the upside we will be able to get the windows, floors and interior painting (which we'll do on our own) completed before we start exterior painting.

I'm so happy all these home improvement projects are coming together. It's been three years in the making. I know we'll be much happier campers when everything is how we want it not how we bought it!

Mother's day. We went to a nice brunch yesterday. No place fancy just this little cafe I drive by pretty regularly in Burbank. It was nice, the kids were well behaved, aka no screaming or cyring. We were planning on going to the Getty afterwards but they boys fell asleep when we neared the exit and I don't like to wake them up, especially K since I may not have the opportunity for another nap later in the day. So we nicked the Getty took a scenic drive through the canyons in Bel Air (to look at landscaping as usual). Then T took me shopping for my mother's day/anniversary gift. He kinda new what I wanted but he let me make the final call for exactness. I'll just say my man did good...he got me some LV love! I did him good and reciprocated back for his anniversary gift. But he was totally surprised cause he had no clue that I got him a gift.

K seems to be Mr. Popular at daycare. This morning he walked himself in, I was just a few paces behind. I got him into the security gate area and he ran to the window of the classroom and made a super excited expression to all his classmates and the kids just started chanting his name over and over, dragging out the vowels. It was super cute. We walked into the classroom, well I walked in, K ran in, and started playing. He barely knew I was there. It was the cutest thing! T is a little sad he misses all of this but in a few weeks he'll be there in the morning to see him get dropped off.

Back to work. I finishing up this training module I've been working on for 3.5 weeks. I'm doing this as a favor and man, I don't want to be a trainer ever! I don't really enjoy writing from a training prespective, its just not my cup of tea.

Oh yeah, I saw Rob Aston again. Why is it that everytime I see him it's always at the mall?

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  1. ohh, home improvement. It is a PITA while doing it, but the end result will be beautiful. :)