One For My Homie

So we did it. Not happily. We really didn't want to. We had to. We found Oscar a new home. We found him a good family. It was actually one of our window installers that wanted him. I mean really wanted him. I'm glad we found a family that was looking forward to taking in a well trained, hugely loved Boston Terrier. He left on Thursday night. It was truly bittersweet. I get so teary eyed thinking about it. But we had to do it. He was outta control. As I've talked about before pre-babies the doggies got A LOT of attention. They were our babies. Now with K and V around we just don't have the time to devote to te doggies, especially Oscar. He's been overly needy from the get go. Since he's not getting the attention he needs he started doing some naughty things like peeing all over the house and the kids toys and belongings. It was very gross and uncontrollable. Then things got better when we started letting Oscar sleep with Kai. He was happy, for a second anyway. Then it got bad again. He started in on all the peeing. It was disgusting. The house stank. Constantly. The pee smell was overwhelming. We could not get it out of the house, hence part of the reason for the new floor. Anyway, the naughtiness progressed. Pee wasn't our only problem. It was evident why he was doing thing and what we needed to do. As much as we didn't want to let him go we knew finding him a family that would love him as much as we did but had the time to give him all the attention he needs would make him a much happier little dog. We love you Oscar!!!!

Yesterday we bought our floor. At first everything we wanted was out of our price range. We finally told the sales guy okay, this is the color we want, the look we want but this is our budget. Even he was hard pressed for finding something that met our needs. We wanted a dark, rich, brown with a distressed finished. Everything that fell into that category was much to pricey for us. He showed us some woods in our price range. Some of them were okay and I could have settled on it but he found one that looked like all the ones we were looking at at first and said they only had xyz square feet (which actually was enough plus 10% overage that the floor guy requested) and because we were buying out almost all remaining stock on the floor he gave it to us for $2.00/sqft. So awesome! We walked out of there so happy. Of course once they are installed photos will be in order.

I'm actually working from home this evening. I have a handful of projects to get done before Monday. And I'm jamming away at the keyboard at this moment because I want to get everything all wrapped up before 10.5 the Apocalypse starts. Did anyone watch part 1 of this awful made for tv movie? Yep, me too. 2-hours of my live I will never ever get back. Since I invested te time to watch part 1 I need to see the disaster that happens in part 2. In fact I'm tivoing it just in case I get to many little K disruptions. Anyway gotta get a moving.

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