Kickin' in my Knickers

Life is good. I paid all my bills...early. My windows are getting installed on Monday. I've completed draft 1 of both the documents I'm creating for work. I'm getting an estimate on installing new floor (boor V is allergic to the doggies and all that trapped, nasty dander). I bought knickers...hehehehe....

Okay let's revisit that knickers comment. I don't think kids nowdays even call them knickers. I think anything shorter then regular pant length are just called capris. These are denim-mothereffin-knickers. They have that little snap that secures them tightly under the knee around the upper calf. They're totally cute and I never though I would buy knickers. I tried them on for the hell of it and surprisingly they looked really cute. I wore them yesterday when I knew T was on his way home. I thought for sure he would tease me. But I asked if he noticed my pants and he said he did. I said why aren't you teasing me about my knickers he said cause when you came out of the house it looked really cute on. This coming from a guy who never tells me clothes are "cute." He said did you buy them to show me and then return them. Mmmmm....maybe. He said if you were, don't return them keep them they are really cute. Okay if my man actually thinks something is cute I'll keep it. I do like them. This morning I realized I can't wear any old shoes with them. First I put converse on with them, way to kid-like. I'm not going to hooch it out with heels, no way. My leather pointy flats were to dressy. Leather flip flops look fine and so did my dark blue, round-toe flats. Casual but still semi-dressy enough to pull off the entire outfit for work. Oh I love my knickers!

I did a bad thing. I entered my credit card number into iTunes. I'm free to download at my leisure. Bad, bad, bad. You know what was the first thing I downloaded??? Kanye West's Late Registration. And NO I didn't download it so I could have Gold Digger to listen to every minute. Actually a lot of the other songs are fantastic. Honestly I was never much of a hip hop fan growing up. It's only been over the last few years. T and I were talking about that the other day while listening to my iPod in the car. I told him my teenage/young adult self would be disgusted with my choice of music. I haven't changed that much, okay just a little. But hey, that comes with age right. I still love, love, love me some old school and new school punk rock. And I'm not talking about The Ramones. Actually I think my iPod is mainly loaded up with punk, some hiphop, ska and stuff like Futureheads and Bloc Party. You know while we're on the topic of music, I have a ton, and I mean a ton of vinyl in my garage. A lot of it collectible vinyl that I don't want to give much rotation to. I need to find a program that will allow my to "rip/copy" my albums on to my computer and save it as MP3's. I was told there's a guy in my department that could do it for me but lo and behold he's in India for a half a year. Wonderful! If anyone has any thoughts on the issue or any tips please let me know.

I think K has reached the point that he is happy to be dropped off at daycare. He didn't hate it but he was a little apprehensive about me leaving and I would stick around for a few minutes playing with some of the toys with him. The last couple of days he's happy to get there in the morning. He runs in on his own. Say's hi to his little girlfriends and runs off to the toys. I'm so happy he loves spending his day's there. I'm so happy he's making friends. I'm happy that I know he's being looked after in a save, nurturing, educational environment. The sitter is now in the past and I don't want to relive that drama. When V joins K in June, LIfe will be even better. Why? Cause we won't be driving all over the place dropping the kiddies off going to work, picking the kiddies up, going home. Really, we are all spread out it's ridiculous. In June, we'll be more centralized and we can use one car! Hallelujiah!!!!


  1. See, when you said you bought knickers, I immediately thought underwear.
    I wasn't aware that there were pants called knickers.

  2. To funny. After I wrote it out I giggled because I thought of underwear as well. And I thought the title Kickin' in my Knickers was even funnier when I thought of my it being my underwear.