Home Improvement V.2

Let's start with the three day weekend. On friday we were suppose to have our new floor delivered however there was some sort of f-up with the delivery people and we didn't get our order. *Sigh* I felt bad cause T took the day off and had to stay at home and wait and wait and wait. Unfortunetly we didn't have a specific window of time, this particular company tells you the day and your delivery can arrive anytime within their working hours which I believe is 8-6pm. T kept calling through out the day, the fact that he was getting antsy was a total understatement. We also had the washer repair guy come by. They installed a new water pump a month or so ago and the pump broke. It was under warranty so they came by to take a look to make sure it was the waterpump. So tomorrow we'll have a working washer. Since T was home and we knew the floors were going to be getting installed, took the day to pack up stuff in the closets, napped, did some paper work and, uh, napped!

Wow, trying to recall the weekend. Hmmm....its a total blur. Okay, Saturday we went to a BBQ in West Covina. It was a lot of fun! K and T went swimming and K had a BLAST! That boy sure does love the water, thank goodness we gave him a name that suits him (his name is Hawaiian for Ocean). We spent the entire day in West Covina. Sunday and Monday was spent packing up some things at home. All of K's and V's toys were tucked away in boxes and bins, all fragile and personal items were also packed and my mobile closet was taken out to the garage. In the process I gathered up a substantial "donate" box and put some great condition newborn baby stuff aside for a friend expecting a baby this fall. Can I just say it is so satisfying to get rid of things. Whether it be tossing, donating or gifting away stuff it is truly, truly satisfying! The only things left in the house right now are beds, crib, big pieces of furniture (couch, dining room furniture, coffee table et al.).

Today is the beginning of the floor installation. I really, really cannot wait. The installer will be starting on the front of the house which includes the dining room, living room, playroom/den. I'm so super excited. These rooms will not be totally completed until Thursday. Once complete they will move on to the bedrooms and hall and it will all be concluded on Saturday. Along with installing the floor they will be installing baseboard moulding as well.

The home improvement doesn't end there, mid-june we start the kitchen and once that wraps the house will be painted. We have more items on our home improvement blitz but i'll keep that underwraps until the projects have start dates.

The boys are doing wonderful! I'm still so amazed at how much K is talking. Everyday he has new words and everyday he mimics what I say a bit more. I love it. His little tiny voice always brings a smile to my face. V is getting big. He's super talkative and smiley. He's rolling and scooting around like a pro. The day he sits up on his own will probably bring tears to my eyes. On a slightly different note, T and I talk about this often. With K at 5-6 months we were super protective about so many things, we spent a lot of time reading to him, watching Baby Einstein with him, playing with him. However with V I noticed we don't do as many as those things. Occassionally I'll watch baby Einstein. I read to him but not necessarily his baby books, whatever i'm reading i'll read aloud to him. I don't know, its just different. I feel guilty as hell but when I think about why I may be doing this I realize K just takes up a lot of my time. I know K is slightly jealous and doesn't like seeing me play exclusively with V. T and I try to do things with K that will allow for V to be included even if its laying or sitting in the midst of K's game. K is still a baby and requries a lot of attention and the fact that he sees his mommy with V doesn't bode well at times. Oddly he doesn't care if T gives V undivided attention. You can see where the parent child split is. I don't know where i'm going with this but I just feel a little guilty. Since T spends the most time with the teeny baby I try to spend the time I get with him giving him fun baths and finding little moments to play with him and crack him up when K is eating, bathing or sleeping. Ahhhh.........guilt!!!!

Oh yeah, on Thursday after work I got my haircut. It was about time. I asked for tons of layers and some thinning out. My hair is super thick so having them thin out the bulk is such a yummy treat! My head feels a heal of a lot lighter! Prior to my haircut and even shampoo the salon has someone come out and massage your scalp with the aveda oil scent of your choice, I choose peppermint. I am still having a hard time describing the cut I want but this girl did a great job. Of the last few haircuts I received I like this the best and will definetly be going back.

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