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The date has been scheduled. Our new floors will begin installation next Tuesday and be completed by Friday. Did I mention we're doing the entire house except bathroom and kitchen? Well, yeah, we are. And I can't wait. Woot Woot! I'm in love with the wood we picked out. So dark and beautiful. And sometime this week we'll receive the quote from the handyman on the various projects we offered to him. Can you believe he'll be able to do our kitchen in 5 days! We're not knocking down walls or anything but we are talking: new cabinets, coutertops, floor, cooktop, oven, dishwasher, disposal and a paint job. And kinda going along with that is reframing and existing window and putting in a new window and installing a brand spakin' new backdoor. Our friends keep telling us that we won't want to move out once we're finished. Maybe. With the two munchkins we can probably hold out for 4-5 years max before we begin bursting out at the seams. Thank go for the big backyard and patio, I'm sure once the boys are bigger we'll be spending more and more time outside.

Mom and Dad will be heading out here around fourth of July weekend. It should be fun. For the kids that is. T and I use the visitation as our vacation. We can go out with our friends for dinner, some cocktails, a movie or two. The excitement begins to boil when I know parents are on their way. I know T wants me to book a nice dinner at the Hotel Bel Air. I love the location of that hotel. It's so private and tucked away! Looking forward to it. Good food. No screaming and crying. Fancy clothes.

I guess brass knuckles are still in vogue with the gangsta community. When I mentioned the article to T he said, "In a weird way I'm a little happy that these guys still know how to hit and fight with their hands and not only use guns." And in a strange way I agree. "Gangsta Community," that's funny cause I know where he lives and BELIEVE me its not gangsta! And when I hear the phrase "deadly weapon" I really don't think of brass knuckles. To each their own.

I've started my walking/exercise routine again. Now the trick is to stick to it. I have my jogger. I have some exercise trainers. I have my workout pants. Now I just need to make it out the front door 3 -4 times per week. I have my route mapped out. It's a real kick in the ass but it's totally worth it. However I eased into my routine yesterday and I'm quite surprised my ass and thighs aren't aching like they normally do. However, it really doesn't help that I wore these crazy wedges today. I think my legs would thank me more if I wore flats. However, I couldn't wear flats cause my pants are about 2 inches to long. So until they get hemmed I need that little bit of lift.

The boys are doing well. Little V slept through the entire night on Sat, Sun and Monday. He woke up once last night. I would be thrilled to say no more sleepless nights but K's nights seem to be getting more and more restless. He fusses throughout the night. Not really ever getting up but we, T and I, have to get up to check on him to make sure all is kosher. K has gotten into this routine where a few times a week he walks into our room in the middle of the night with his blankie in hand and just falls asleep on the floor. I think he may be sleep walking to our room. Other then that. K is doing so good. Day care has been such a godsend! Everyday he has new words to say. He's a little sponge right now, he's really taking everything in. He is getting really good at repeating things we say to him, guess this means I have to watch my language. D'oh! V is getting so big. His body is so different from K's. V is very long and lean. Many of K's 3-month old pants are still big in the waist for V who is nearly 5 months old! Whoa, V is nearly 5-months old. God, time has totally flown by! He's still my little baby dude but he's just growing so quickly.

Cutting this entry abruptly short. Gotta get back to work.

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