Cry Me A River

Pre-momhood I wasn't that much of a crier. Commercials, sappy movies, articles and stories didn't make me cry. I had a tough outer shell that not many people or things could penetrate. Now being a mom has turned me into a big 'ol crybaby! I just read a post on La La La and I started to well up.I immediately started thinking about my little guys. And my heart just sunk. It made me think of something my mom told me when I had K. She said as grown-ups girls always come home to their mom's. Like, for vacations and what not. She said grown-up boys, once married, don't see their mom as much. They go with their wives and visit their families. And when those grown up boys and girls have kids, the grandchildren will most likely spend more time with their maternal grandparents cause, like she said, girls always come home. It made me think. And you know what, she's right. We go on vacation and we visit MY MOM and Dad. Where do the babies stay when we go to HI? MY MOM and Dad. Sure T's mom is also in Hawaii but that is not even an option to me. When MY MOM wants to come to visit I don't consult with T, I say sure come over now if you want. When I think back on the situation I get really sad. God damn it, I'm welling up now. Will I lose my boys when they entire adulthood and meet the women they are going to marry? God, I hope not! That's a long way off. I need to enjoy them now and kiss them now. Hug them now. I'm turning into such a sap.

Oh yeah, and you know what else makes me cry that would have never made me cry pre-K and V. That scene in Toy Story 2 where Jessie flashes back to her memories with her owner and how she was abandoned as her owner grew up into an adult. Sap! Sap! Sap!

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  1. You know, in my younger years, I wasn't much of a crier either. And then I turned 25 and it seemed like all of my hormones went crazy and now I cry at the drop of a hat.