The window are in, the window are in! Did you hear me? I said the windows are in!!!!! Yeah! We can open our windows and get fresh air in the house. This is one of the single best things that has happened to us since V was born! Air. Fresh, cricultaing air. SSSsnnnniiifffff...You smell that? It's fresh air! Last night I slept in the living room with the windows wide open. Yeah it was a bit noisy but so what, I was breathing fresh air. You see, pre-new windows all the old windows in the front part of my house (rotted 1928 casements) were in such bad shape we couldn't open them. Some of them were stuck shut from getting wet and swelling itself shut and others we were afraid to open thinking they would just fall off of the hinge. So this is a HUGE improvement. I really wish we could have done this sooner but after buying the house, probably like most other homeowners, we were just flat out broke. Oh, i'm such a happy camper. And next week when the disgusting carpet is gone I'm sure the house will smell like roses. Getting that carpet out is going to be a dozzy. We were going to rent a POD and throw all ouf our belongings in there but the floor guy said that isn't necessary they'll just move everything from room to room. I think I want to put some items in the garage for safe keeping and it'll just be easier. So more on that when we start on the project.

I just wanted to say I HAVE NEW WINDOWS. *Believe when I say I'm jumping for joy*


  1. put some cover on mattress and sofas, it's going to get very dusty installing the floor.