Verge of Getting Sick

Yesterday on the way back home from dropping K off I felt a familiar tickle in my throat. The minute I got home I took an Airborne in hopes of killing this bug before it sets in. But the tickle and then throbbing persisted. A few hours later I took another Airborne, just in case. No luck, I have a slight sore throat and a stuff nose. Of course I would get sick right before I go back to work. Hopefully this will wear off this weekend and I can go back to work refreshed.

I had to go to Target to pick up a prescription for V. The doctor prescribed him some reflux medicine, basically to rule out if the weird cough he has after eating is in fact reflux. If the meds don't do a thing I'm going to have to send the little guy to a specialist where a scope will be put down his throat to check out his lungs. I also had to pick up some prescription shampoo for his cradle cap. The doc didn't think the apricot oil was doing its job sufficiently so he prescribed the shampoo. I also needed to talk to the pharmacist about K's runny nose which I chalked up to teething since that is one of his major symptoms. But his four teeth that were coming in have all broken through the gum and that's when the symptoms normally stop. But the runny nose presists, there's no cough or stuffiness tagging along this time. I needed to find out if there were something he could take that wasn't a cough/decongestant medicine since that wasn't really his symptoms. The pharmacist suggested that this may be an allergy, which made sense since I'm so prone to spring and fall allergies. The pharmacist suggested childrens Claritin for the runny nose. I was surprised cause that was not something I thought that would help nor did I think a child could take it. Go figure. Because the childrens Claritin is a syrup the pharmacist helped me with the dosage and i was good to go. I tried the syrup out and guess what, it works! Yippee! I'm so happy we found something that will help with the runny nose. No more raw, pink nose and uppper lip for my little guy!!!!!

I'm going to try and make an appointment for a haircut and eyebrow wax for Monday. I found a cute little salon/spa right in Burbank, just a few blocks from K's daycare. When I go to their Web Site I find myself laughing. I think its funny seeing people's/employees photos right on the homepage of their site. I mean they look so serious, but not really. If that makes any sense? I was going to another place in Silverlake but started to find it such an inconvenience to get to. This new place has happy hour on Tuesday and Thursdays, a free cocktail with your haircut! I'm really weird about getting my haircut. Up until a year ago or maybe a year and a half I used to cut my own hair. I just had a phobia about getting my haircut. There are certain places I won't go to, usually super cheapy places, cause the times I had gone for a quicky, cheap haircut I always ended up with something I didn't ask for or the stylist really didn't take my hair type into consideration and gave me a cut that looked like shit when I got home and washed my hair. I had a great stylist in Chicago (I just looked at their updated site and they have photos too). Anyway, at the time I had short little bangs and she cut it perfectly, she also realized I had thick hair and when I got a haircut she gave me a cut that was what I wanted but tweaked for my hairtype. She also gave me the best blowouts! Nobody has been able to do that since. She was the teeniest thing, with crazy long extensions, lots of tattoos and the biggest jugs I ever saw on anyone so small. When she blewout my hair she had to stand on a little platform so she could reach the top of my head. I have yet to find a stylist here that I'm comfortable with. Hopefully this new place will be it. I think I want a more drastically different cut then I normally get. Typically I stay with my side part, I've recently added long layers and a bit of choppy, eyebrow length, side swept bangs. I would like to change my part to the middle, add a heavier, choppy, longer bang and more choppy layers along the sides of my face. Can I commit to bangs again? I think I can. I just feel like I'm in a hair rut. I think being through two pregnancies with the same hair has did me in and I think its time for a change.

9am - cranberry muffin and coffee
12pm - baked ziti
4pm - pop tart
6.30pm - baked ziti and a glass of grapefruit italian soda

9am banana walnut muffin, OJ
11am - half a strawberry pop tart
4.30pm - 3 chicken strips and a biscuit
7pm - japanese curry w/veggies and tofu and rice

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