A few random things I've noticed or have been thinking about.

1)This morning I saw a pink Mary Kay caddillac. I didn't know they still gave their agents the cars. I remember when I was a kid and seeing this creamy pink caddys cruising down the road. I thought they were the coolest things around and one day dreamed of having one of my own. Little did I know I would have to sell make up to obtain one. To much effort! But back in the day they were sweet. Pink, big ass caddillacs, normally an older woman with major helmet hair was behind the wheel. The caddy this morning wasn't as pink as they used to be. It was a more subtle pale pink, not even a pastel pink. Maybe Mary Kay is trying to be a little more inconspicuous, definetly not as sweet as they used to be. Needless to say I don't want a pink caddillac anymore, but I did fill my pink vehicle void when I bought my very first Vespa which was a 1974 Vespa 100 Sprint and it was a seriously girly pink color.

2)My launch radio has a shitload of punk rock on it. I didn't realize that. There's a smidge of 80's and ska on there but not to much. I think I need to listen to some pre-set stations and rate songs so it lands on my radio station. I want some total guilty pleasure stuff link J-Kwon's Tipsy, "oh, everybody gettin' tipsy at the cluuub"

3)There are moments that it hits me that I am a full-on, money making adult and I can do whatever I want. For example, my mom wouldn't buy me pop tarts nor would she stock the fridge with any type of soda so I couldn't have these things at home. But I can make the concious choice to have brown sugar pop tarts, diet coke and blacker then sin coffee for breakfast! Yum!

4)I like to drive real fast when alone in the car. And I noticed my music really dictates how I drive. Fast music=fast driving. Melodic, groovy music=more laid back driving.

5)Have I mentioned my kids are awesome! I think they are awesome. V is my dark brown haired, green eyed little guy. While K is mr. personality with his red hair and blue eyes. Gesus....are these really my offspring?

6)I think I discovered my no-fail warm weather work outfit (good for meetings): black, cuffed bermuda shorts, pinky-nude girly tent top, black fitted, waist/hip length blazer with my frye sandals. I love it! I figure a variation on the shirt and jacket is all that's needed to change it up.

7)My Tivo is filled at more then 50% capacity with the entire and only season of Fastlane. Can this be burned to a DVD?

I think that's it.

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  1. You can move files from your TiVo to your PC and burn them. How you accomplish this depends on several factors, including the type of DVR/TiVo, whether your PC has PC capture card, whether your DVD plays the files. The forums at DirecTV might be able to help you! http://forums.directv.com/pe/action/forums/defaultview?msgBoardID=10100106 There are also lots of ways to hack your TiVo (voids the warranty). I am going figure out how to hack mine, never got around to it.