Pony Ride

We woke up bright and early this morning. It's hard to sleep in when the sunlight is so visible so early in the morning. I've spent the last two nights sleeping on the sofa bed so I don't get T sick. It seems like V has caught a little bit of a cold and K's nose is still running but now there is a slight cought. So T is the only one "well" and I wanted to make sure it stays that way. Anyway, once the kids were all awake and T was finally ready to get out of bed we all curled up on the sofa bed for 30-minutes or so then I decided to make us some yummy pancakes for breakfast.

We planned to go to the Studio City Farmers Market today. We didn't really need to buy any produce, breads or flowers but this particular farmers market has a bunch of kids stuff on one end. As soon as we got there K saw the ponies and got really excited. We quickly stood in line and anxiously awaited for K's turn. The pony ride guy helped him up, strapped him in and he was off. T stood withing the barrier of the ride to keep a close watch on K. He was definetly having fun. All that changed when he saw the train ride going on just mere feet away. The train ride is pretty cute. It goes around the block and it isn't really a train. It's a bunch of golf cart type cars painted and completely disguised as a train. Anyway once K saw that train he took his hands off of the saddle and started pointing at the train. It started to look like he was slipping a little and I had to call T over to get by his side and watch him closely. At that point he went around, maybe, two more times and told T he wanted off. Strangely, once he was off the train was out of his head and he wanted to go into the petting zoo. He had fun in there. He didn't really any interest in the pigs, but those baby pot belly pigs were so freakin' adorable!!!!!!! But he did enjoy petting the goats, cow and seemed entralled with the chickens. There were a bunch of little chairs surrounding the bunny and chicken corrals so kids could scoop up a bunny or chicken and sit down and hold them. K wanted to do that but when T would bring him a chicken he didn't want to hold him. K has reached a point where he is a little bit over his stroller and wants to walk. So T braved it and let K walk, errr run. He was in his own little world, wondering around here and there. Althought it was tiring, we did take turns chasing K, he was having a blast. We saw a bunch of other parents doing the same thing when stoping for a brief second to talk to these parents there kids were about the same age as K. We all chuckled but felt each other's pain. One thing that was highly evident was this was one fashiony farmers market. There was a lot of designer jeans and desinger purses going on this morning.

Yesterday we noticed that K was having a little bit of pain with his left arm. We don't know what happened. Maybe he rolled off of his bed and hurt himself? We're not sure. We touched his arm and moved it about and noticed that one specific movement was hurting him. We called the doctor and she said to watch it and if nothing improves to go to Urgent Care. Within a couple of hours he started moving his arm for easy tasks. Not really grabbing things but moving it around a bit. It seemed to be improving throughout the day. Today he seemed to move it a little more. For instance, when lying down he is using his arm for stability to get himself back up which I'm glad to see he is able to put some weight on it without any pain. But we were still concerend that he wasn't using his hand to grab things like he normally does. I decided to move his arm in the position that was hurting him yesterday. Yep, there's still some pain. If you didn't know he was having pain in his arm you wouldn't think anything was wrong, he just goes about his normal day, playing, crying, running around but his left arm/hand is hardly being used. T took him to Urgent Care about 45-minutes ago. I have a feeling he sprang his elbow. We just don't know what happened. We're guessing he rolled off his bed and got his arm caught behind his guardrail while the rest of his body rolled off. This is only a guess since we've seen him roll the top half of his body off the bed with the other half on his bed behind his guardrail. I'm hoping all comes back ok. I can handle a sprain I just want him to heal up soon.

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