No Time To Play

Is it June yet? All this back and forth driving is making me nuts. The kids are in different locations during the day. T and I work out of different offices. Neither office is convenient to where the kids get dropped off. We back track a lot! Factoring in driving time it feels like we get home so late. By the time we're all changed, unpacked and dogs have been let out its 7pm! It really sucks. I really feel like all we do is rush around getting chores and babies fed. I mean, we wash bottles, we feed babies, we straighten before bed, we do laundry. Both T and I want to spend quality time with the kids, playing with and cuddling the baby. Reading to K. It's getting hard to find that time. I think it may be that me being back to work is still pretty new. We need to hit our groove for evening routine. I try to get all the dishes and bottles taken care of as soon as I get home. I try to get K fed earlier then usual so we have time to play. Also, I noticed that there are things we used to do for K at 4 months old that we really haven't had the chance to do with V, like putting on classical music while playing with little toys that he is able to grip and shake to make noise. Ive been trying to do it when I can even when its just a few minutes at a time but I still feel bad. I'm really hoping that we hit the groove soon. I don't like feeling guilty.

In an attempt to continue to brake in my Frye sandals I ended up with blisters on my middle toes. It's currently raw and a bit painful. A friend of mine gave me a tip to stretch out the toe area. I think I may need to ive it a try cause prancing around the house in these heels is really starting to make me feel ridiculous.

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  1. I hear ya... and I only have one kid. Working parenthood is tricky!