On Thursday night Amanda and I went for tapas at a restaurant called Minibar. It was really yummy. In the past when I have gone for tapas it was always regional food. Spanish food is good but it was great going to a tapas bar and the offering to be varied. They had a little bit of asian, spanish, american you name it. Upon seating we were given a tall shot glass of rose Cristal. We ordered drinks next. A passion fruit mojito for me and a pomegranate martini for Amanda. The restaurant was very mod. Chocolate brown walls in the restaurant and orange and tourquise at the bar. The lighting was very ambient. Big round lights suspended from the ceiling but all tinted blue. It was nice but the lighting really messede with your eyes. We decided to start off with for items and then work from there. We had a wonderful yucca bread with goat cheese, jamican jerk chicken with mango chutney, duck confit eggroles with cilantro peanut dip and a sweet and sour dip, and lastly a sausage duo with a duo of mustard. It was all so yummy! Surprisingly just four dishes filled us up, well we did leave room for dessert. I ordered a guava cheesecake with mascarpone cheese, which ultimatly got packed up and came home with me. Amanda ordered a marshmellow stew which was a dessert for two. We both received these soup cups with a giant homemade marshmellow sitting in it along with an almond biscotti, and a big ol teapot was also included. The waitress poured a heavenly chocolate soup into our soup cups. It was so deliciously rich and decadant. I swear with each spoonful we were in heaven! We had planned to stop off for one more drink after dinner but that dessert really put everything over the top and we decided to call it a night.

Friday was a pretty nice day. I came home early since it was relatively slow and most of my work could be completed at home. Since I was home before the kiddies I did some much needed vaccuuming, laundry and light cleaning. I don't know why I bother since within 5 hours or so of everyone being at home the place is a total circus. Anyway on Saturday we all slept in. It was nice to wake up around 9ish since I don't get to do so very often. Later in the afternoon we had to stop off at Lowes. We needed to pick up some paint testers so we can decide on an exterior house color. We also found some new address numbers for the house. At first I as going to order some custom lettering online. I didn't think the price was bad until I went to Lowes and found something that was sort of similar, well not really similar but for the price they were close enough. Anyway the numbers at Lowes were a complete steal so I just picked them up there. We also needed some patching mesh and compound to do some mild patching from the electrical work and some holes T made when trying to install our curtain rods. We ended up spending 2 hours in Lowes. I can hardly believe how long we were in there.

Today we went to some relatives house in Bell Canyon. We went over for brunch. So hard to believe we havent seen them since Thanksgiving. Considering we have very few family here and they are much closer then my relatives in the OC we hardly drive the 30 minutes to get there. Anyway we had a nice short visit. K went insane running around and screaming. At least he burnt off a ton of energy. When we were having our fires last summer a lot of it was literally in Bob's backyard. The fire department basically took over his property to put out the fires in the canyon. His house and the fires made the front page of the LA times! The gazebo out back is totally ruined and has yet to be repaired. But hey that's a really small price to pay for saving your property's ass from being burnt down.

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