Last Night's Date

Friday, mom arrived bright and early. Since the kids were still passed out I wasn't able to go to the airport to pick her up. So she caught the Super Shuttle which took forever to get here. T left for work extra early. Bad news about that is he accidentally took my car keys (and his car keys). Couldn't pick mom up if I wanted to. Anyway, when my keys were returned mom and I took K to the sitters. It was K's last day with the sitter and he truly didn't want to go. Timing was bad. Granny showed up with toys and movies and he had to go to the sitters. Although he cried when I dropped him off, he ultimately had a good day playing with his little friends. Mom and I ran errands.

Friday night, T and I took advantage of a temporary "live-in sitter" and went to dinner. We decided to go to Tangier. Luckily the restaurant is relatively nearby. It was so nice to dress up and go somewhere nice for a good meal. It was a bit rainy last night but no worries. Since we didn't have reservations and the inside seating was filled we sat out in the covered, enclosed, heated patio. We ordered up two glasses of wine ate a little bread and oil & vinegar and perused the menu. I choose a yummy bacon wrapped filet mignon with a red wine reduction sauce, bleu cheese mashed potatoes and some buttery kale (or at least I think it was kale.) T ordered himself a flat iron steak with bacon and fingerling potatos and asparagus. Oh my god, dinner was so scrumptous!!!! I could hardly believe it. We both pratically licked our plates clean. But we couldn't leave without dessert. I don't remember the exact name of our dessert, it was in French, but it was this yummy dark/milk chocolate "pudding." Well, they described it as a pudding but it really wasn't. It was more of the consistency of the innards of a chocolate truffle. Creamy, rich and dense with chocolate shavings, fresh raspberries and mint sprigs on top and a side of fresh whipped cream for dipping. It was a chocolate lovers wet dream really. We could only eat half. After dinner we made a pit stop in the bar for one last night cap and headed home. We made it home by 10.30, undressed, got ready for bed and watched "Building the Ultimate" on sky scrapers and suspension bridges on the Discovery Channel (what a romantic ending to the evening.)

Poor baby K. He woke up in the middle of the night, came into our room and woke me up. He wanted me to come bring him back to bed and lay with him for a little bit. My mom was in his bed and he totally freaked out and clutched on to me. I had to have my mom move to the couch so I could curl up in bed with K. I felt so bad for him. He was a bit dazed and confused and totally forgot my mom was laying with him. I think tonight I'm going to ask my mom to sleep on the pull out bed so K doesn't get freaked out. It's weird, since K got his own bed he no longer wants to sleep with us on our bed. It's so sad, I miss having im snuggle in between T and I. The only time he really ever wants on our bed is in the morning while we're getting dressed.

Today we had a playdate. We joined a playgroup on Meetup.com and today was the meet up "meeting." The organizer of the group runs a place called Segray therefore we had our meeting there. We met a handful of other moms and dads, which was wonderful cause we need other mom and dad friends to do things with. The teacher/organizer is planning on having friday night movie nights in her space and also having some of our monthly meet ups in other locations and even bringing in guest speakers to talk about parent/family type things to us. Sounds like a good time to me.

After our meet up we decided to check out some strollers at Babies R Us and then hitting Marukai for some groceries. So we headed out to Covina. There wasn't anything we liked in the stroller category. We've been torn on how to approach the stroller situation. Do we get to strollers? Do we get a double (side-by-side not tandem)? Do we want a jogger? Do we want a single or double jogger? After researching this for the past week and seeing the limited options at the baby store I have made my decision. I'm buying the Phil and Ted's E3 stroller, in orange. This is such a cool stroller and meets many if not all of our needs. It's a jogger. It can hold one baby and with a quick attachment it becomes a stacked two kiddie stroller. It's narrow, like a single stroller, so it doesn't impair my shopping disease. And it comes in orange. I received some gift money for the babies so I can use it towards the stroller which actually makes it affordable for our out of pocket cash.

Tonight we're going out again. I'm told you I was tacking advantage of this mom visitng thing. We're going out for drinks at Red Lion Tavern. I've heard good things about this place so it should be fun.

Friday Food
8.30am - chedder omelette, plain bagel and potatos, coffee
1.30pm - pretzels and peanut butter
8pm - see entry above

Saturday Food
7am - cranberry muffin and coffee
11.45am - half a chocolate croissant, various fruit and hummus and pita
3pm - rice and katsu with curry
5pm - 4 sitcks of salad pretz


  1. While the single size double buggy seems cool, I feel bad for the poor kid on the bottom because s/he won't be able to see anything in front of him, just to the sides.

  2. I agree with Xinh. I was going to get this after Amber was born. It's easier to manuver than a side by side one. But for one JE is too big for it, second he doesn't like it even he's small, he said he can't see anything and he can't play with his sister. So if my kids are close to age, I would have gotten a side by side one instead. That way, they can see everything and play w/ each other.