A week after the start of my sickness 1)sore throat is totally gone, 2)slight congestion but more annoyingly a runny nose and 3)I have a disgusting hacking, wet cough. I have a stash of Cold Eeeze in my desk to tame the cough during meetings or moments of silence in the office. I also started taking Coricidan but not the regular decongestant its a decongestant and cough but its a gel with a built in expectorant. The expectorant portion really works, but why did I think taking an expectorant during work would be a good idea? I really am not digging the "I need to hock a luggie" feeling creeping up every 20-30 minutes. If I were at home, no problem. At work, not quite a good thing. I've taken to sleeping on the couch over the past week. I really don't want to get T sick and my cough can be a bit jarring so I don't want to risk waking him up in the middle of the night. So far its working. I just want to get better because I hate being sick but I really, really miss sleeping in my bed!

K had an Easter party at his daycare yesterday. They had some treats and an Easter egg hunt. I picked him up yesterday and he had two goodie bags and the cutest pair of rabbit ears the teachers made for each child. He put the ears on for me and wore it in the car all the way home. Later in the evening we went for a walk and he wore the ears while riding in his stroller. I really need to get a photo of him wearing it, it really is the cutest thing. On Wednesday K's class had another party. One of his classmates had a birthday so the parent made goodie bags for everyone and I guess they had a birthday celebration. Oh no, does this mean I'll need to make goodie bags come July??? Ahhhh, no biggie cause I know K will love it!

We watched the Chronicles of Narnia the other night. We actually received a good batch from Netflix the other day. You see I haven't "organized" my Netflix queue in a bit. I rearranged my queue a few weeks ago so I had no idea what were the next few movies. I digress. We received Narnia, Memoirs of a Geisha and North Country! Yee Haw, I'm so happy with the lot. Ok back to Narnia, so I watched it the other night and really quite enjoyed it. Surprisingly K sat there and watched 90-95% of the entire movie with us. I have never read any of the books nor did I ever watch the BBC show so I didn't really know what to expect. It was fantastical and wonderful. I really dug the white witches white gown. I thought it was very beautiful and dramatic. I also enjoyed seeing the boy beaver, in the big fight scene, in a really little beaver-sized chain mail outfit. I couldn't stop giggling. Yesterday K wanted me to put in a movie. So we have Madagascar, which he cannot pronounce, and when he wants to watch it he goes "Rrrroooaarrr" and does this little chest scratching, animal type gesture with his hand. So he did that yesterday and pointed to his TV. I said, "you want to watch Madagascar?" K said "No" and did his little lion interpretation again. So I thought what else do we own with a lion in it??? Well, I remembered he did watch Narnia with us. So I aked, "you want to watch Narnia?" And K enthuriastically said "Yes." I felt bad cause just yesterday morning I returned the movie. The movie was good to the point that I think I may want to own it. So maybe the little guy will get his chance to watch Narnia again, this weekend.

My work week is winding up. First week back, not bad at all. I have my next few months road mapped out so I know whats ahead. I will be busy, I make no bones about that. Can't really be specific because we were told not to mention anything so no details. But I'm looking forward to what I'll be working on. This afternoon I'll be meeting with my boss to review my '05 performance. I think I did a good job. We meet quarterly so there should be no surprises. I hope I get a nice compensation package for '06 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I better wake K up. I need to get some food in him, change his clothes, dispense some medicine and take him to daycare.


  1. When K gets older, you should read the Narnia books with him. They're very good books and they're written for children.
    I own the whole series but I've read The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe and The Magician's Nephew so far.

  2. We bought the Narnia movie. Before the DVD was released, Santa brought the boys a whole bunch of Narnia books, and they are as entranced with the story as I was. Ben bought Memoirs of a Geisha for me. I loved the book and I love Ziyi Zhang, so that was awesome. Unfortunately, we bought it and I forgot to take it off my Netflix before it came! We finally sent back all our Netflix. Time to reorganize the queue!