Green Cast

Trying to think what would be the best way to start this entry. Furthest point in time to present or to work backwards from yesterday????? I think I'll work backwards.

Well, yesterday was my first day back to work. Since K stayed home from daycare with T I didn't really get to try my new route to work (Glendale ->Burbank->Pasadena) oh well. At least it was easier then expected since I just needed to drop V off which is on my way into work. I was actually excited to return to work. People were asking me, "Were you dreading the day you had to return to work?" They all seemed a bit surprised when I would answer that I wasn't dreading it at all. As much as I loved, loved, loved spending all that time with the baby I was ready to return. I felt like I needed work back in my life. I just think I'm the type of person that needs that type of balance in their life: a little bit of work, a little bit of play and my family time. Ok, so back to the first day. In speaking to my boss a few weeks ago I knew that it wasn't going to be bad. Mostly just settling back in, unpacking (since we moved floors), making sure all my tech stuff works and then the biggie CHECKING MY EMAIL. I had so many emails it was disgusting. I didn't log into my work email once while I was on maternity leave. If you can believe it going through my e-mail took ALL DAY! Because a lot of the emails were a little out of context for me I'll be having a catch up session this morning. I did have a nice welcome back lunch with a bunch of my co-workers at the lovely Chado Tea Room in Old Town, god I missed that place while I was on leave. My day was pretty quick since I dug out a few hours early when I finished sorting through my email.

I had big plans for Monday, since it was my last day maternity leave. Because I didn't have V I was going to get a haircut, an eyebrow wax, return some items I've been lazy to do earlier and relax and ready myself for Tuesday. I dropped K off at school around 8.15-8.30 got home soon after, made some breakfast and settled in to watch some shows I Tivoed the night before. At 10.30 T called me saying the daycare called him and I needed to pick K up ASAP. He was feverish and threw up (K's typical horrific teething antics) and when I got there he was dressed in his "extra clothes," being carried by one of the teachers, flushed and overall looking really miserable. I felt so sad! I got him in the car, turned on the DVD player and attempted to offer him some pedialyte (which he refused). I didn't want to give him any milk in fear of him throwing up in the car while I was driving. I got him home, layed him down, bundled him up, gave him some motrin and some milk. Within minutes the little guy was sound asleep. Now let me back up for a second, an entry or two ago I mentioned that K hurt his elbow and was refusing to use his left arm thus we took him to urgent care for xrays. Okay now that we're on the same page. K was asleep for about 30-40 minutes and T called saying he was able to get us an appointment with the orthopedic and he was coming to get us NOW (which is only 5 minutes from home). We met with the doc and he immediately noticed some swelling around his elbow and some shadowing around the bone (which typically means some sort of fracture). Doctors order: put K in a full arm cast for three weeks. Ok things have changed since I was a kid but casts now come in every color imaginable including black and glow in the dark! We choose green. So now K is in a kelly green cast that goes up to his arm pit. Since the doc didn't want to get him a waterproof cast (appareantly some healing power is lost with waterproofing) the little guy will need to bag his arm for baths and/or receive some sponge baths.


  1. awww...poor little dude!
    but at least he's styling!

  2. What a brave big boy! Hope work is going well.