Follow Up Visit

V had his reflux medicine follow up visit today. We really didn't notice any change in his condition, which means we can most likely rule out reflux. I think T and I may think the situation is more series then it really is. We have met with two of his pediatricians and none of them are alarmed or anything. We're being overly paranoid, I guess. So the congestion in his chest is most likely a post nasal drip, so we need to snot him pretty frequently with my favorite blue rubber sucker/snotter. And she wants us to add some rice cereal to his bottle for a week and see how that goes. If it doesn't improve we will need to try some hypoallergenic formula which she thinks will do the trick but don't want to try it first incase the rice cereal things works. I guess that special formula is expensive. But if that formula works she'll order us a case. And lastly this may all be due to an allergy but V can't have a allergy panel because he's just to small right now. In the meantime the doc feels its best to remove all the carpet in my house. So we'll be doing that. We suspected the carpet may be part of the problem. In a way I'm happy we can get rid of it and install the wood floor we've always wanted. But I am reeling of the cost. But I gotta do what's best for my little guy. Removing the carpet should help all of us. K occassionally gets watery eyes and allergy sneezing, which I suspect he inherited from me.

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