We were suppose to go to the zoo on Saturday but the unpredictability of the overcast weather left us parents a bit perplexed. On top of that little Logan was a bit under the weather so we scraped the idea until next weekend. Probably better to plan it for a day we know its NOT going to rain, for sure. Instead we ran some errands in the valley which included stopping at Z-Gallerie to purchase a big 'ol framed print for the living room. You see we already own the print but unframed, which we bought when we bought the house. After much procrastination, last year, we went to a few framing shops to see how much it would cost to frame the sucker. We wanted simple and cheap so we said 1-inch black frame, prefereable wood or woodlike over metal, no matting, and plexi instead of regular glass. Yeah, we were told it was going to be just over $300. Hmmm...I don't think so! So, we rolled the print back up, stuck it in a protection tube and stuck it away in the closet. Recently T brought the idea up again, to frame the print. But I checked Z-Gallerie and they have the print already framed at a fraction of the price. We checked it out and bought it! Now what to do with the print we already have. To be honest, we didn't buy our exact print they had it and they had a slightly different one. We opted for the slightly different one. I guess if I wanted to try my hand at framing maybe it could be a weekend project, to frame the old one and hang it up. Oh well, it was worth the trip to the store cause we saved a lot of money.

Okay, what else is new. Oh yeah, on Thursday night we had Sears come by to "sell" us their windows. We've been going down the new window road for quite some time. The first place that came to our house to pitch their product where nothing but a bunch of fucking, slimey ass salesmen!!! I was so turned off by them, and their windows looked like shit, that I fell off the new window bandwagon for sometime. When I hopped back on we decided to visit some showrooms, where we had a variety of windows to look at. Much more pleasant experience, we found exactly what we wanted. But could we afford it? Before installation costs the windows were $850 a piece. Tack on installation and you're looking at approx $1300 (conservatively) per window. Goodbye beautiful aluminum clad, beautifully colored windows. Again I was turned off and couldn't deal with it. I used this time to figure out our budget and our price point options. And since we knew we couldn't afford exactly what we wanted we came up with ways to work with what we could afford. A friend of mine recently had Sears install some windows and is happy with the work and Sears has an amazing warranty on their product (which company number 1 could barely, barely, barely match). After listening to the Sears schpeal, looking, touching, playing with the product we were planning to purchase I was very much satisfied with what I was going to drop some cash on. That said we will have new windows very, very soon. I believe our order is being placed tomorrow, it should arrive in a week and once we schedule installation it should only take two days to install. I'm so freakin' excited I can hardly stand it. We will be well insulated, and no more rotting, ugly, disintegrating, pink 1928 casement windows! Woo Hoo.

K is finally done teething. It felt like an eternity. He had four canines coming in one after the other and he was miserable! They have all broken through and for the most part it looks as though the little guy has all his teeth, maybe he's missing one or two molars in back but i'm not sure. Of coursr the timing couldn't be better huh. K stops teething and V is just around the corner waiting for the teething bus! Wonderful. V is getting to be such a sweet little boy. He's so verbal and so expressive it sometimes makes me want to cry. It's amazing how two brothers can be so different. I don't remember K being as verbal and "fidgity" as V is. But then again it could just be my memory. Tomorrow we start V on his hypoallergenic formula. We're still working with the doc on isolating the reason behind the cough. I mean it could just be allergies from the dogs which really isn't just a "just be" statement cause we're talking about our dogs here. As annoying as they can sometimes be, they are still my doggies. If it is dog allergies the carpet's days are numbered! K on the other hand is starting to say more and more words, it's amazing how quickly his vocabulary is growing. Funny enough his two new words are "cool" and "dude". Not "Cool Dude" but separately "cool" and "dude" its pretty damn funny. It's even funnier that V has a little baseball cap and across the front it says DUDE so when he wears it K points at V and yells out "DUDE!" I'm trying to get him to say "Sweet" but I'm not so successful at my attempt. T thinks that K will grow up and have that SoCal/LA drawl, only example I can think of is the way Jonathan Antin speaks. That would be bangin' dude! To funny!

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