Wow, mom's quickie weekend trip has come and gone. It was nice to see her. I know she was having baby withdrawl and was dying to come up to see K and V. She just couldn't believe how big V had gotten and how vocal he is. I really don't remember K being as vocal until he was about 6 months or so. In comparison K was super smiley and a power napper and V has only recently started to really nap during the day and is super active and "talkative." Anyway we tried to keep the days as packed as possible but with the crappy off and on rainy weather it was hard to come up with things. Yesterday was a nice day and we thought mom would love seeing K fly off the handle at Travel Town. So off we went (I'm starting to realize, we go there A LOT!) K had a blast on the train as usual but this time when the train pulled into the station to unload the passengers K had a fit and just started crying and did not want to come out of the car. We were at Travel Town for over 2-hours! Time really flies chasing after a toddler, nah it wasn't that bad we had a great time and mom was thrilled to see K so happy. While she was here she also got to experience a K meltdown. I think she had a good time, she said she got her fix but my guess is she'll be here in two months.

I decided it was time to download some music to my IPod. Not music I already own but some new stuff. I did some searching online and found a link for 100 free downloads from emusic. Last night I started. It's funny when faced with the opportunity for a 100 free songs I can't even think of five. There were some songs I really wanted, stuff I would never walk into the store and buy but they didn't have these available. I did manage to download "Annie" buy Elastica and the entire "Good Mourning" album by Alkaline Trio. But what else? What else?

So months ago I read about this place called The Trails, located in Griffith Park. It was a little snack shack that sells scrumptous, healthy foods. We've tried to find the place numerous times and guess what? We finally found, on Sunday. Of course we had to order some yummies. We ordered up a delicious meat pie (meat, potatos and tons of veggies all wrapped in a warm, calzoney type dough and you get a sauce anything from BBQ to curry to chutney), we also ordered a slice of apple pie and a slice of peach pie. That peach pie was delicious, served warm, big peach slices and the top of the pie crust was extra crunchy due to toasted granola!!!!! So yummy. I need to go back and try some other items.

Okay the food.
Sunday Food
9.30am - Cranberry muffin and coffee
1pm - small packet of salad pretz
2.30pm - meat pie, 1/3 piece of apple and peach pie, americano
5pm - maple and brown sugar pop tarts

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