I think K has finally OD'd on bananas. For a long while the banana was the no fail snack and at times meal for the little guy. We couldn't keep the fruit in our house, as soon as it was purchased it was consumed. So I started buying it from Costco. 4-lbs for $1.35 or something. How was this not a good deal? So the last trip to Costco, probably a week, week and a half ago, we bought the big 'ol bag of bananas. Yeah, K wants to walk around holding the banana, maybe he'll take a bite but faster then a speeding bullet he's thrown the entire thing on the ground. It's turned more into a toy then something to eat. That meant T and I had a lot of bananas to eat. Yesterday I noticed that they were getting a bit spotty and I needed to take some fast action. I baked a dozen banana muffins and made two big loaves of banana bread. T and I love, love, love banana breas so we'll for sure eat it this way. So we'll be having some everyday with breakfast, whether we want to or not. And my guess is by the end of the baked goods life my entire household will have OD'd bananas.

This weekend was pretty much shot. On Saturday we had scheudled a repair guy to come by. We had the shittiest window, 9am-2pm. What a pisser. We stayed home all day! Except for me making a 7-11 run mid morning for some yummy pre-packaged ice cream we sat on our asses watching TV, played some with the kids and died some light cleaning. When 2pm rolled around and no repair guy showed up at our door we called the service to find out what's up. Turns out the bastards had us down for Wednesday at some fucked up middle of the afternoon time. Huh? Well T, being T, chewed them up and said he just talked to them on Saturday and rescheduled from a weekday to a weekend cause we were not willing to take a day off of work to sit on our ass and wait. Because we were now in a situation when we had to get our appliance fixed we had no choice but to REFUCKINGSCHEDULE the repair time. We told them we will not schedule anything earlier then 4.30pm. So now the guy is suppose to come over between 4.30-6pm tonight! So now T has to hurry home after work and I have to play chauffeur and pick up two babies, from two different childcare providers, in two completely different directions. Oh wait, since we wasted our time at home all Saturday afternoon we all really needed to get out of the house. We dressed the kiddies, dressed ourselves and headed out. We had an errand to run in Pasadena so we headed east. We did a little bit of walking around on Lake and then decided to grab some grub at Wahoos. God I love this place. K totally chowed down on 1/2 a bean and cheese burrito and almost an entire side order of guacamole. Its funny cause he likes to have it with tortilla chips but he doesn't really eat the chip he uses it as a spoon and just scoops and eats large quantities of guac. He also had a bit of fish taco. What a piggie. After eating we did a bit of driving around to kill some time and then headed home.

Sunday, Easter Sunday to be more specific. As mentioned a long time ago. Since we don't have any family here many of these holidays are just another day in our household. This year we had to do something we've never had to do before and that s putting together an Easter basket for our little guy. The bunny left K a few goodies, some snacks, some Thomas toys, and assorted little goodies. The bunny didn't want to over do it and set a precedent for the coming years. K enjoyed his gifts, made a total mess with goldfish everywhere! And buy the end of the day we were finding easter grass in every nook and cranny! We really wanted to go out and do something and T was convinced that the mall would be open. We drove out to Sherman Oaks and guess what, it was closed. It was closed like everything else! Oh well, at least we got both boys to nap in the backseat. We still wanted to do something, anything really. We were dressed and the thought of just heading back home was a little depressing. So we went to Home Depot. Not that spending Easter at Home Depot isn't depressing. We actually had something we needed to do there so why not get it done on Easter? K dug the kids cart since it looked like a race car and he had a steering wheel that let him "drive" so we were all happy. We then went home, played some, I paid all our mid-month and some beginning of the next month bills (which makes me happy!), and we finished watching North Country. I know, boring weekend. Oh well, not to much you can do with a holiday, a kid in a cast, one sick parent and one sick child.

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