5 Days

Five more days and it's back to work. Actually I'm really looking forward to it. I talk to my boss last week, just to let him know my return date and let him know how everything has been going. I'm so happy he didn't talk to me to much about work. Although I'm going back soon doesn't mean I need to know the low-down just yet. I'm looking forward to seeing my co-workers. I'm looking forward to dressing up again. I'm looking forward to being getting back into the grind (what kind of sick person am I?) Anyway, since I don't return to work until Tuesday I'm going to use Monday to get a haircut, eyebrow waxing and nails painted. I want to go to work refreshed and feeling good.

So yesterday T had to head up to Sunnyvale for the day. He had a few meetings at our headquarters and in San Francisco. While up in Sunnyvale he bought a few goodies for us from the company store. He seemed to enjoy his meetings but did not enjoy the traveling especially is return. His return flight was delayed because of all the rain yesterday evening so he didn't get home until 10.30pm or so. He was sad since he didn't get to spend anytime with his babies at all.

I finally bought an adapter so I could listen to my IPod in the car. So nice!!! Since I've been off of work I haven't had the opportunity to listen to my IPod as much as I would like. It's not like I can just sit at home with my headphones on tuning out the world while blaring music into my ears. That would just be wrong cause I would never here the baby crying or cooing. I'll get much more use out of my lil gadget when I get back to work. Since I don't really work directly with anyone and most of my time is literally reading and working through e-mails and meetings (about half the day), that leaves me half the day to listen to music.

Okay, I was sitting here today looking at my carpet in disgust. Why did I think white (with tan/brown/blackish flecked) berber carpet would be a good idea? When we moved into this house the plan was to rip out the existing carpet and refinish the hardwood. Okay, we did that but the floor was in much worse condition then we imagined! Because we didn't really have the funds or time to redo the floor altogether we had carpet installed ASAP. Although I have two little doggies I was not going to install colored carpet. I'm not a carpet fan but I really dispise colored carpet. I figured I could live with white, off white, pale taupey type color and with a fleck that would disguise any bits of dirt the dogs or us track in. This worked for a while but now I see all these gross stains and discolorations on the carpet. When we steam cleaned a lot of it came out and when the weather warms up I'll be steaming again. But ultimately I would like to get the floors redone. I get so disgusted looking at my carpet that I've been trying my hardest to just block it out. I gotta stop talking about already.

K is into his third day of daycare. Oh my gosh, he really loves it. Yesterday when I went to pick him up he didn't want to leave. Whenever I attempted to pick him up so we could leave he would runaway. I literally had to chase him down, sneak up on him and just scoop him up. It's funny, he is having a great time but he cries every morning. I'm hoping the morning crying will last only a week or two. I'm just happy he is going somewhere that he isn't running to the door to go home the minute I pull up to pick him up.

Yesterday V had a doctor appointment. The poor guy got 4 shots in his thighs. I feel so bad watching him scream when those needles go in. The doctor prescribed some special shampoo to help with his cradle cap. K had cradle cap as well and by the time he was 4.5 - 5 months he lost all his hair. I was afraid that when his hair grew back in it would no longer be that beautiful red. Looking at all those dry flakes on V's head is so annoying. Annoying because I want to pick it out and it really does take everyting in my power not to touch it. I did pull two little flakes out when the cradle cap started and some clumps of hair came out with it. After that I learned not to touch it. No if's, and's or buts!

Okay I don't remember what I consumed on Monday so I have to skip it. But I do have Tuesday's written down.

9am - english muffin, eggs
11am - pop tart
6pm - banana, italian soda
8.30pm - baked ziti

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