It’s been a few days. K is still saying Dude. K is still saying Cool. K is super clingy to me and it makes Dad sad. I told him don’t worry, maybe in a couple of weeks K will be burnt out on Mom and only want Dad. 5 day’s till K’s cast comes off. K is loving school more then ever. Trying to talk a lot more. Much more helpful. Much more imaginative in his play. And now on to V. On doctors orders we moved from soy formula, to soy with rice cereal and now to Alimentum (sp?) formula. Man that stuff is thick! However, whatever its suppose to be doing it doesn’t seem to be doing. Actually we’re trying to isolate for his gross coughing. I’m thinking more and more this is a non-food related allergy. I think the culprit is the doggies. This means the next step, as the doctor suggested and I suspected, the carpet will need to come out. I’ll get back to that in a paragraph or two, back to V. Other then the food thing V is doing great. He still hasn’t rolled over but he gets 75% of the way there and then kinda freezes up. Anyday now, I swear. He’s more “talkative” then ever and has outgrown a ton of his clothes at this point. I had to empty the remaining goods from the 0-6 month clothes bin in my garage. I sorted through all of his to small clothes and made two piles. Pile one donate (this includes stained onesies, overly cutesy stuff I received as gifts that I can’t bear to share with others and stuff in non-hand me down condition.) Pile two the better to good stuff. I mean little V had James Perse baby clothes, I am not giving that stuff to the Goodwill. I have preggo girlfriends and if they want some good condition hand me downs Im more then willing to share. V finally fits into his Old School Vans from Aunt Stacy and Uncle Brian (thanks guys, they are super, super cute). V’s cradle cap looks to be going away, I hope all his hair doesn’t fall out like K’s did.

I’m nearly 100% back into my work routine. I requested more writing projects and I my request was granted. I’m working on two projects now. In doing so I noticed how poor my business writing really is. I have a habit, well I don’t know if you would call it a habit, but I write like I talk. And I have horrendous grammar normally I don’t care but for work I’m very meticulous that I don’t turn shit in. Thank god for grammar and spell check, I tell ya. Anyway, I’ll probably proofread my projects about a hundred times but besides that I’m thinking of enrolling on a business writing class. Maybe not total business writing but something geared more towards what I do. I’ve already expressed my concern to my boss and he things taking a writing course or two will be beneficial and hey, at least the class will be free. And free is good!

I feel like I fell asleep for an entire TV season or something. It’s nearly May and everything is wrapping up for the season. I’m loving America’s Next Top Model, that Tyra can get so ghetto I love it. This is the first season I’m watching The Apprentice. I like it, I really like it. Surface disappeared way to soon. I dropped Prison Break when they decided to go off the air for a few months so the airwaves could be filled with baseball or whatever. Blow Out is ending next week. What the hell was that, six episodes or something. But did you see what fills it’s time slot the following week? Remember that annoying guy from season one, Brandon? The one Jonathan fired? Yeah, him. He’s getting a spin off or one episode special, something anyway. It’s called Salon Diaries and its all him. I’m sure he’ll make for good TV. Project Runway was good. Top Chef is great. Lost is making me crazy already! All those cop/law/csi dramas. Love, love, love them! How I Met Your Mom, hysterical and they got Doogie! Of course I watch all those silly MTV reality shows (Gauntlet, My Super Sweet 16, 8th & Ocean). So NoTORIous is much funnier then I expected. Surreal Life is okay, I think Alexis Arquette should get her own spin-off. How embaressing….I need to stop outing myself, I have bad TV habits.

Now that I’m back at work, I’ve become a full blown coffee addict, again. I drink cup after cup starting at 8.30am. I try to cut myself off at noon. I react pretty badly to caffeine so if I drink to much in the afternoon I’ll be up all night. And I’ll forgo a cup or two of coffee for a Diet Coke (yes, I said diet coke not regular coke, that’s a huge deal for me).

Now I’m just rambling.

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  1. Piper was on Alimentum for a while, because we thought she might have reflux and we were testing her reaction to different formulas. Isn't it the vile-est smelling shit on the planet? I don't understand how babies can EAT it, let alone smell it up close all the time! It's also super expensive, as I'm sure you've noticed. We ended up switching back to plain 'ole Similac Advance because it turned out that Alimentum made Piper's problem worse. She didn't have the coughing problem, but she would curl up in the fetal position and cry after each feeding. Fortunately, the problem seems to be gone now. I hope you figure out what's bothering V. I hope it's not your dogs. I am so afraid that Piper is going to develop an allergy to our cat's fur... it's everywhere!