Yesterday Was Just Another Wednesday

My friend's work schedule has been adjusted for the next few weeks, so I met her for "lunch" yesterday at 10.30 am. There really isn't anything open that early in Old Town so I told her I would just pick her up and we could then broaden our eating options. It was nice seeing her. Honestly don't know why I don't see her more. Not like I live that far (like 8.5 miles) nor do I have such a busy schedule that I can't be tracked down. But that's anoter entry for another day.

I also had to make a Target run to pick up some cough syrup and ibuprofen. I had a lot of self restraint and ran in scanned through the pharmacy and household cleaning stuff and picked up just what I needed. I was proud of myself! Let me ask you, what do you do in this situation: You arrive at Target. You go to the cart return to pick up a cart to take into the store. You noticed that whomever used the cart before hand left some purchases on the underside. You don't know how long that cart was abandoned before you picked iy up. So what do you do? Take the purchases back into the store and explain to customer service what happened or do you keep it?

Yesterday I consumed:
10.30 am - 2 egg cheese omelette, wheat toast and a diet coke
12 am - 1 rice krispy treat
2.15 pm - small shamrock shape
4 pm 1 rice krispy treat
5.30 pm - 1/2 whole wheat pita and hummus
6.30 pm - glass of lemonade
7.30 pm - 2c pasta with red sauce


  1. Well, first I'd go into the store to ask if someone came to lost and found asking for the item. If not, I'd keep it. If you give it back to the store, all they'll do is re-sell it and why should the store make a profit like that?

  2. Amber, you should check out SparkPeople.com. I use it to track my calories, exercise, etc. It's free, and much easier than FitDay, etc. You can make a list of your favorite foods to add with a click, stuff you eat all the time. My name is amlawbyrd on that site.