Weekend Review

I was up at about 6am on Friday morning. I switched on the news to see what was happening in the world, well in LA anyway. I know it was St. Patricks day but really throught people started to celebrate in the evening, like sometime afterwork. I was surprised to see that there was some bar in Mar Vista, I think, that was already packed with patrons and there was a long line already forming outside. At some point during the news report, live from the bar, some guy came running into the shot screaming, "I GOT IN! I GOT IN!" over and over again. I do enjoy an ice cold beer but I don't know if I could start getting hammered at 6am in the morning! I think even in my more alcohol filled days I couldn't start drinking at 6am, although when I lived in Chicago there were numerous weekends when I wrapped up my drinking at 5am, when the bars closed. Okay back to St Patricks day. I heard there was some sort of parade but I had know idea where it was to check it out, and much to lazy to look it up online to find the location. Guess I really didn't care.

Fashion Week was kicked off on Friday night as well.
To bad our fashion week doesn't get as much hype as fashion week in LA. Another thing we have some decent designers but nothing like the turn out in New York. For you Project Runway junkies, Kara Saun will be showing during fashion week.

While packing up some clothes K has recently outgrown I realized he has just a handful of items that will fit him once he outgrows his current stock. So, thinking it was going to pour on Saturday, we headed out to the Santa Anita mall to do a little bit of shopping and let K play on some of the kids stuff there (train, carousel, play areas). I can barely handle going into places like Gymboree anymore cause I cannot in good concious buy him a sweater that costs $30 that he will outgrow in a blink of an eye, instead we did our stocking up at Old Navy. We found some good deals and picked up a new pair of jeans, cargos and a handful of shirts and two jackets. There clearance prices were wonderful and just the right price for clothes for a growing boy. Ofcourse T and I checked out our departments and I found some great longish, layering tanks and a cute navy blue and white nautical-esque baggie knit hoodie. Anyway, it was nice to stroll around and T hadn't seen the place since the completed renovation. K had a great time on the carousel and the train. In fact, when his train ride was over he threw a major fit! Sometimes those baby fits can be so embaressing! Am I the only one that feels that way?

So today we decided to attempt to eat out. We haven't eaten out with K in a long time. Why? Well, he was a bit of a menace. Screaming. Throwing food. Severe banging on tables with whatever was handy. Normally I don't care about disturbing others around me cause I do not take him to quiet, romantic restaurants, but it was really bothering T and I at how bad his behavior was. So today was the test of fate. We decided we needed to find a family friendly spot, that would be crowded and noisy to begin with. Well what better place to go to then Norms! You know what the big Mench was totally fine. We only had one squeal and that was at the end of the meal when he was finished and just wanted to leave. There was no throwing of food either, allelujiah! I think we may be able to reclaim our eating out treats. That is until V reaches the age of screaming and throwing. Or maybe if we're lucky he'll bypass that phase all together.

On Saturday we had a bit of an issue with K taking a super late nap thus staying up a lot later then we bargained for. So to curb that today, after breakfast we decided to do a bit of driving to get K to sleep. He fell asleep within 10-15 minutes. We were planning on going to the Getty after the nap but we staryed so far from that direction that we wound up in Beverlywood. We strolled around Pico for a bit stopping in some Jewish bakery's and markets and picking up some goodies. We bought a fantastic Chocolate Babka at Beverlywood Bakery. T was ecstatic when we stopped off at a teeny market and he saw Tab in the soda case. I don't know what the attraction is but he was THRILLED. I had recently bought him that new Tab energy drink, which is just okay tasting, which he enjoyed becasue it was a Tab product. Maybe to get him unhooked from it I should inform him that Tab Energy is now being geared to women. Hehehehe!

The french manicure I got a week and a half ago is starting to chip and look a bit ratty. I'm so notorious for letting my nails go to shit when I should just get a cotton pad and some nail polish remover and take it off. The pedicure still looks fantastic but my hands...not so much. Plus my nails have already grown. I can tell because the clicking noise on my keyboard is more louder and annoying then usual. Speaking of my pedicure, when I made the appointment it was because my feet looked like crap and it really needed a bit of sprucing up. I knew that and you would too if you took one look at my feet. Anyway, the girl did a great job on my feet. I opted for the scrub and spa massage. Anyway, when she was finished she asked how I liked it and I said it was beautiful and I hoped I could make it in more frequently so it didn't get so rough looking. She then said, "Your feet look a lot better then it did when you came in. It was really bad looking." and she made some other comments about my feet looking gross. I knew they were gross but I really didn't need to hear it from someone else. Now I'm a bit self-concious and will probably get more frequent pedicures at the nail place near my work.

Now on to the food:
9am - English Muffin, strawberries/blueberries/yogurt/granola
12.30am - pork chops
2pm - handful of pretzels
7pm - linguine in a ricotta and pea sauce, 1 cup of strawberries splashed with Sambuca

10am - 2eggs and rice
2pm - Steak Sandwich, Diet Coke, and a shared small cup of Dippin' Dots
5pm - handful of pretzels
7pm - strawberries and yogurt

10am - 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, coffee
12.30pm - chocoalte eclaire and a tab
4pm - spanish rice
7pm - mandarin orage slices

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  1. usually downtown la has st. paddy parade.