I was waiting for the day that T would throw work in my face. Today was that day, errr night. I was telling him I was tired and falling asleep. K didn't nap this afternoon so he fell asleep at 7.15p or so. I was convinced he was going to wake up and not sleep through the night. I thought he'd awake at 11p or so, really he woke up about 8.45p. I was half asleep on the couch sorta watching Capote. I woke up and went to my bedroom and hopped into bed with K. I could barely keep my eyes open. T came in, I said I was falling asleep while K watched TV. He just kinda said, "eh" which didn't bother me. Then he went on about how he was soooo tired. About an hour later, I got K semi settled in his bed. I went to talk to T who was on the couch feeding V. I was telling him that I was dead tired and really wanted to sleep. Immediately he jumped in about how he was tired. I was kind of annoyed. He knows that it totally bugs me when I say something to him about whatever and he quickly jumps in to top it when i'm really just talking to talk and telling him how I feel and don't necessarily need or even looking for a response or pity. I'm probably not conveying this to well. Anyway I told T, now a bit agitated, that I wasn't looking for any type of answer nor was I fishing for any type of consoling but I said I was getting annoyed because whetever I said he would basically say, "that's great but I'm tired/lazy/stressed.....too." I then said, I don't know if you realize but I've had no time alone today. I had the baby all day, then he came home around 5 with K and immediately jumped on the computer to do some stuff and I had both babies to watch and of course they both have their fits at the same time. There were maybe only two quick incidents that I needed to call for T. Anyway T was finally off the computer around 7.45p around the time K fell asleep and V was awake and ready to eat. While T fed V I could get the dishes washed and food put away and K's bag packed for daycare. I got to sit down for almost an hour before K woke back up. So back to the conversation with T, I said I haven't had anytime to myself and really need to chill, cause i was so wound up. He said, you don't think I'm tired. I have to go to work, then come home and put the kids to sleep. I don't think I even let him finish his sentence cause I nearly lost it when he said "Go. To. Work." I told him I don't sit at home all day watching TV, chatting on line and eating ice cream. The baby doesn't feed himself. The laundry doesn't wash itself. The bathroom and kitchen aren't self cleaning. K doesn't know how to clean his own play room. Dinner doesn't magically appear out of thin air. And I could go on and on. He barely got it. You know what, he thinkgs its awful now....just wait till I go back to work in 3 weeks! At the end of it all. He got so pissy and said, "fine, go to sleep if you're so tired." Yeah, right. Easier said then done. I couldn't sleep now. I said you know what, you watch K cause you haven't all night and i'll do whatever I need to do, which was actually a lot. There were more dishes in the sink (where do they come from?), K's lunch needed to be made and packed up. And there was some straightening to get done and I really had a few things I wanted to do for myself, like brushing my hair for the first time today and taking a shower.

Wednesday's Food
9am - yogurt/strawberries/granola
10.30am - handful of pretzels and peanut butter
12.15pm - lunch size serving of pad se eew with tofu
3.30pm - 3 thin mints, diet coke
6pm - spinach lasagna


  1. Having a rant is normal, enjoy.

    What you have to remember is that you apparently have a husband who is "a keeper." He's not out there playing golf every w/e, going to basketball games, going to poker night, or going fishing/hunting. He goes shopping with you, to the park, on picnics!!! He sounds like a great guy. Give him a back rub!

  2. we have variations of this going on at our house, too...