Sore Muscles

I had such a peaceful day of doing nothing! I cleaned, read and played with V. Around 11.30am or so it warmed up a bit so I got my running/walking shoes on and decided to go get some exercise. I strapped V up in the Baby Bjorn and took a nice brisk 2 mile walk. I walked straight up my cross street to the foothills. It was such a nice walk and the incline going up towards the mountain was pretty intense considering I hadn't had much exercise recently and having a 12lb baby strapped on to me. I did see my rockstar neighbors which was pretty fun and made my good friend pretty jealous, oh well.

I really took the day to relax. And I will do it again today! Although my walk really gave me some sore muscles primarily in my calves and butt. I'll do some stretching to work it out. Okay, I think having dogs in my house all the time is really making my house smell gross. Almost a wet dog kind of smell. I think I need to do some major vaccumming and febrezing just to be safe. Ugh! I hate that smell. Other then my walk my day was pretty low key. But I did do some eating and I will share:

8am - English Muffin with peanut butter
1.15pm - 1/2 of a black bean and rice burrito
2.15pm - banana and a diet coke
6pm - small handful of tortilla chips
7pm - bagel with cheese

Oh yeah, I wanted to update on the sitter situation. T and I had a long talk about this yesterday. First we cannot really afford to have someone come to our house to watch the kids (unless of course we go through "illegal" channels if you know what I mean. And really, would that be an improvement from what I have now?) But the montessori daycare we found is someplace we are really interested in. We've been waiting for the director to schedule an appointment with us but I'll be calling today in an attempt to speed up the process. Although this is the opposite direction from Pasadena we decided driving 10 minutes in the wrong direction is worth it and we're going to suck it up and pay that painful tuition since it will be, ultimately, better care and much more stimulating for both babies. If the daycare will have us we're going to move K there ASAP and V will go there when I return to work next month. I hope, hope, hope, hope, hope they take us!

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