We never quite made it to the PCC flea market yesterday. Which is fine since the Rose Bowl is next Sunday and I'll go there instead. When I lived in Chicago I was a flea market/garage sale addict. I would drive way out into the various 'burbs and my oh my was it a goldmine! I found superb vintage dresses and I have them all, although most of them don't fit me now, but I have faith it will fit me soon. I also bought a lot of really great fabric (which got so stockpiled in bins that I had to sell some at my garage sale), vintage asain themed paint-by-numbers and '40s glamour girl headvases (which I have quite a collection which i'm proud of since I made sure to only by good quality ones.) I miss those midwestern garage sales. I don't bother doing any of that here in LA except the Rose Bowl. A lot of the garage sales are junk and I'm really trying to thin out all the junk i've accumulated over the years.

Okay so I totally went off the subject. So we didn't go to PCC but we took a family field trip to Griffith Park again. It was a lot of fun. We went back to Travel Time and K had a BLAST! We rode the train again and this time we wasn't so scared of the giant engines on display. Last week he didn't even want to touch it but this time he ran up to them and touched them and wanted to climb in them. It was so amazing to see him so excited! After Travel Town we drove over to the carousel and where K and I took a ride. I don't know if he really enjoyed it. T said he looked a little motion sick on the horse. Therefore I think we'll wait 6-months or so before we ride it again unless he asks to do so before then. This time we were prepared for the park. I packed magazines, lots of snacks, sand toys and warm blankets to swaddle the baby in. We didn't get to stay to long cause K started getting fussy and eventually he ended up getting hurt. T took K to play on some of the toddler slides and K pushed T out of the way to slide down alone and when he did that he jerked his head and ended up getting a little scrape above his lip. The crying didn't last long but we realized it was time to go. K passed out in the car.

I Tivoed and watched the Oscars last night. I missed the first hour but ended up deleting the recording once the awards ceremony was over. I had seen enough. First of all, I'm so ecstatic that CRASH won best picture. That was one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time. I can't stop talking about it. I think i've talked about it to T so much that he can't stand hearing it anymore and told me to just get it from Netflix, again, so he can watch it. I think i've only really watched the Oscars for the past 3 ceremonies. I get so bored watching it. It just drags and drags. I only care for a couple of the categories and honestly don't feel the need to watch or know who won best editing. Best score. yadda, yadda, yadda. Well it's over and by next week Hollywood Blvd will be back to its old self.

To my and T's surprise the babies went down early last night and by 9pm the night was ours. We didn't know what to do. We watched some shows we Tivoed and read our magazines that came in the mail this week. It was heaven. I debated if I should have a beer or not but decided against it. T on the other hand pulled out a little glass and sipped on some ultra yummy Sambuca.

I have a few errands to run today. Apple Store. Whole Foods. Costco. Who knows if I'll actually get it all completed. Luckily I don't have to hunt down girl scout cookies cause there was a troop selling them in front of Rite Aid yesterday. We bought four boxes. 2 for now and 2 for when the season ends!

And now for my Sunday foods.
8.30am - 2 slices of french toast, half a banana, coffee
12pm - 1/2 pita w/hummus
2pm - BBQ pork sandwich and lemonade
2.30pm - 1 rice krispy treat (never again will i buy the box from costco!)
3pm - 1 graham cracker
6pm - 3 lemon girl scout cookies
7.30pm - 1/2 chicken and cheese quesadilla and a grapefruit Izze


  1. Try kids space museum in Pasadena near Rose Bowl: http://www.kidspacemuseum.org/
    JE had a blast there.

  2. okay, i just have to say your diet doesn't sound too good. you are living off sugar/carbs. your body will be nothing but a layer of fat, even if you lose weight. you need to build muscle not fat. muscle burns calories.

    you should switch your diet to more protein, fruit, vegetables, whole grain bread, bran cereal, nonfat yogurt, skim milk, baked skinless chicken, fish, turkey, roast beef.

    you need a weight-watchers type diet with a point system. every day you should have fruit, vegetables, lean meat, bran type cereal (Kashi), yogurt, skim milk.

    you CANNOT achieve your goal with cookies, french toast, rice krispie treats, doughnuts, pancakes, pretzels, graham crackers, etc.

    It would really be interesting to see if you can ditch all of that rubbish, and switch to fruit, lean meat, vegetables, nonfat dairy, and salad.

  3. OH I totally agree. My diet sucks! I'm not on any food diet. Not yet anyway. I'm mostly trying to track the crap I eat so the realization of how much crap really sinks in and I can actually do something about it. I'm not much of a meat and fish person but ate fish for the first time in over 15 years last night. It actually wasn't to bad and may try cooking another fish dish and see how that goes. I know I need to eliminate all the junk food from my house. I'm so good about not giving my kid junk I just need to do it for myself.