Ripping & Burning

I took a break from the internet this weekend. You never know how addicted you are until you taken away from the specific action. Actually it was nice not to log in, read blogs, send email, create a blog etc...Ok, I did cheat a little and check my email on my Sidekick but I didn't respond to anyone.

On Friday I did some heavy duty house cleaning and to my surprise I was finished by noon.l After a short break I finally committed myself to burning some CD's for, Ben, my friend's husband. Amber, you can tell him the CD's were sent out on Saturday. Other then that I really took advantage of staying home, cozying up with my little guy and watched movies and read.

T and K had a playdate at a friends house on Saturday so I made plans for V and I to go over to Ron and Morris' place. The weather was so crappy and on my way to Ohana BBQ in Burbank I had to sit in the car for a few minutes and wait until the jujube size hail subsided so I could safely get V out of the car. I picked up some plate lunches to take over to Ron and Morris' place and it took everything in my power not to rip open those take out containers in the car and eat those yummy meals. The BBQ smell was so delicious I couldn't wait until I got to my final destination so we could eat. I got to my friend's place we ate, watched some movies and I, simultaneously, started ripping some of their CDs on my laptop. I also brought some blank CD-R's over so I could burn some of their music. I got some great stuff: The Futureheads, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party remixes and so much more.

Sunday was such a uber-lazy day. We entertained the thought of going out and doing something but we were just so lazy. Instead we played hard with K and cuddled with V. To our surprise both babies went down for a two hour nap at THE SAME TIME! We didn't know what to do with ourselves. Normally we would nap to but decided to spend time with each other. We were just lowkey playing cards and talking and reading. It was actually quite nice to finally chill with my husband without a child attached to either of us! What a treat!

I had one errand to run today and I've already comleted it. Of course nothing major just normal baby stuff. Actually it's stuff I forgot to buy last week. While at Target I bought T four pairs of cargo shorts that were on sale. So many of his shorts are so ratty that I decided he needed some without holes or paint on them. I was nice and called and let him know so he could at least choose out the colors he wanted. I bought myself a pair of shorts as well. That's only my second pair of shorts I now own! But now my day is only beginning.

Friday Food:
8.30am - English muffins with peanut butter
12pm - banana and a diet coke
1pm - handful of tortilla chips
7.30pm - 1 cup of penne with meatballs

Saturday Food:
1pm - bbq chicken, rice, 1 peace of bbq short rib and 2 coke zero's
8pm 1/4c of penne with 1/2 a meatball

Sunday food:
11am - 2 eggs with chh\eese and brocollli au gratin
2pm - grapefruit Izze and 4 shortbread cookies
7pm - rice and salsbury steak

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