Today I took K to daycare instead of the sitters. His sitter is working on some last minute items for a big Native American Ceremony in which she is some sort of coordinator. He loves going to the daycare. He has a ton of fun and is in such a good mood for the rest of te evening. To bad this center is on a "back up," "emergency" basis, subsidized by my work and I can't send him there full time. I'm thankful the company offers this, it is such a big help. After sending him there for the first time months ago I was convinced, when I could afford it, I had to immediately put K in a daycare facility. He'll be going back tomorrow and Monday so he'll be having a ball.

Today I had a playdate with my friend J and a few other girls, specifically the wife of a guy from this and this guys wife. It was a lot of fun. We all met up at Griffith Park and brought a picnic lunch and snacks. Since we all had little babies in tow I felt like we were forming some sort stroller mafia. We had a blast and will be doing it again ASAP. Other then me nobody else had been to Shane's Inspiration and i'm so happy that they loved it. After discussing the newly reopened snack shack, and all 4 of us salivating, I was hoping we would have time to find The Trails but none of us knew exactly how to locate Fern Dell Dr and we were all to lazy to get our Thomas Guides out at that moment. Next time I guess. Or tomorrow if curiousity gets the best of me.

So I don't think I mentioned this before but K has a major fleece addiction. Whenever he is drinking milk or watching a movie he needs to rub his hand on his fleece blanket. If he sees his fleece jacket he begs to wear it to have the fleece up against his skin. If I'm wearing my fleece PJs he cuddles up against me and rubs his hand up and down my arm or tummy until he falls asleep. I think its so funny to see him get so compulsive about it. But I sometimes have these weird future flashes of him with fleece issues. Kinda in the same vain of how those germ compulsive people get. Yikes!

Okay, I'm tired so on to Thursday's Food.
9.30am - strawberries/granola/yogurt
11am - english muffin with peanut butter
12.30pm - grande americano
1.15pm - hummus and 1 whole wheat pita, 3 red vines, diet coke
5.30pm - 1 slice of apple, and a couple pieces of pineapple/canteloupe

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  1. Hee...He's gonna have a woobie made of fleece and he'll take it with him to college!

    I took my woobie with me to college.