Big news on the babysitter front. Yesterday T and I had the opportunity to meet with the owner/director of the daycare center. Their web site was very extensive and answered many questions but visiting the facility and having the time to sit and meet with the owner was also very comforting. To our joy there was an opening for K and he will be starting daycare in April. I think he's really going to love it. Their daily curriculum looks very educational, fun and stimulating for a toddler. They provide meals and snacks which look very nutritious and I won't have to worry about him eating weird foods I don't approve of. I also visitin the baby/infant facility which looked good as well. Unfortunately there is no room for V until the first of June. So I go back to work mid-April and I just need to find someone to watch him for about 6-weeks. I think my mom may come and visit during that time and if she does V will stay home with her. I don't want to have to send him to K's current sitter so I'm hoping I can find someone for the interim. But overall its all good news and once both babies are in the daycare i'll have all this stress off my shoulders.

Last night K woke up at 2.30am. Since T has to work at 7am I told him to go to bed and I would sit up with K. K would not go back to bed and wanted to watch TV. I put in Curious George (yep, bought a bootleg for $5) and we watched it for about an hour then K wanted to switch movies. I explained to him that it was quiet time and not play time. I knew he would cry. He started to and I put on good 'ol "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" got him some milk and we both layed in his bed. I shut my eyes and occassionaly opened them to check on him but it seemed like he was checking on me more often. Within an hour he was out! Thank god. When I knew the sleep was good and solid I climbed out of his bed and went back to my room. I could here him tossing and turning a bit and actually went to check on him a few times. He was fine.

I don't have bad skin but I don't have great skin either. I would say its averae with the occassional breakout. That said whenever I see those ProActiv commercials I am so tempted to order the treatment. I'm such a sucker for those types of commercials. I talk to my mom about it and she laughs at me saying I've been saying that for years. And that I should just shut up and order it and get it over with. I think she's right, but I've gone online and tried to order it but I can't. It's like i have some sort of mental block that prohibits me from confirming my order. So strange. I mentioned to dear ol mom that I can't order it and maybe it should just be my birthday/xmas gift or something. I can here the evilness of her "if you really want that, then i'll get it as a gift" so I expect to unwrap a xmas gift and find ProActiv. And I'll probably will be let down cause it won't live up to my expectation.

On to the grub:

8am - 2 eggs, 1 eggo waffle
1.30pm - cheeseburger and a diet coke
7.30pm - plain roasted chicken and corn
8pm - 1/2 banana


  1. yay on the day care. Montessori is a very good day care/pre-school system. JE used to go to one. I'm sure Kai will enjoy playing with other kids.

  2. I'm so glad that things are coming together on the child care front. I know it's such a worry.

    I know I always rave about this stuff, but try out the DHC skincare stuff. So amazing! Wish I had found it years ago. www.dhccare.com. I'll call and have them send you some samples. To prevent breakouts, I use mark's In Your Dreams -- it's amazing and a $6 bottle has lasted me a year.