K To The Mart

This morning I went to Kmart. I didn't really have any reason thing I needed to buy but I wanted to check it out. A few months ago I stopped off at Kmart to pick up stuff like cleaning supplies and dog food and noticed that the store was trying to spruce up its image. The store, which is normally a mess, was organized and clean and I noticed that in the home products they were now carrying some cuter things, pretty much looking Targetfied. They have this brand called Essential Home, which has some great sheets, towels and dish towels (i'm a huge fan of dish towels, to the point where I have been banned from buying any more of them). I bought K a cute set of sheets for his bed, he only had two sheets and I felt like I was constantly washing them so a third set sounded like a good idea. I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

I received a great pair of Frye sandals for my birthday. Although I have worn them a few times they have not totally broken in. Today I am wearing them around the house to break them in a little. I love these shoes and am so looking forward to wearing them to work. I'm not a real heel person but if its a bit platformy or stacked, which I think is way more comfortable, I'm in love. I feel a bit ridiculous walking around my house and preparing tonights dinner in platforms. God it must have sucked being a housewife in the 50's - 60's when women wore, or at least depicted as wearing, heels in the home. BLACH!

Back to Kmart for a second. A couple of years ago I mentioned I bought some jeans for Kmart. Seeing as though I have been pregnant for practically 2-years I finally dug them out of my garage. God these jeans are awesome. Dark blue with no pre-set fading on the ass, thighs, knees or anywear else. A slight flair, and although they are the "short" length they fall perfectly to the ground and with a slight drag when I'm barefoot, which is perfect when wearing a little heel. Ok so I put the jeans on and looked in the mirror. First thought, why didn't I buy an extra pair back in '04? These jeans have a nice fit, not to low and is actually very slimming. God I missed these jeans and for $16.99 I must say this was a very good purchase!!!!

My little man turned 3-months yesterday. He is so alert. So curious. And so smiley I sometimes cry wen he looks at me with his beautiful eyes and throws me a big 'ol opened mouth smile. He is somewhat holding his head up, still a little floppy but almost there. His eyes are starting to turn a fantastic blue-green color, I'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll end up like K's. He's so talkative it freaks me out a little. And he's starting to roll up on his side and i'm anticipating a full flip soon. I feel so lucky that I've been able to spend the last 3-months at home with him. I've cherished every second of it. Truth be told, I was a bit shocked at the fact that I was going to have to babies 18-months apart, this was something I didn't think I would do. But holding the mini-man against my chest, kissing his little head, and having his tiny hand grip my fingers I couldn't imagine it any other way!

Tonight is the new season of Blow Out. What more can Jonathan do? After this evening I'll know. Sadly I set up a season pass with my Tivo so I'll never miss an episode.

Monday's Food
8am - sliced strawberries and yogurt
9.30am - english muffin
12.30pm - ravioli
1.30pm - handful of pretzels and peanut butter
5.30pm - meatballs and potatoes and a diet pepsi
7pm - small slice of chocolate babka (yum!)

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