This weekend I had IPod on the brain. I thought about it all weekend, trying to decide if its something I really want and when I would use it. Okay, backstory first. I wanted an IPod a while ago but didn't really want to spend the money on it. Then my company (I work for Yahoo) created Yahoo Unlimited, the music download/player like IPod, which is not Apple compatible. So I decided I didn't really want IPod anymore and was going to buy an IRiver. Okay I was a bit crushed because I really do like white things (white leather, white gadgets, white dishes, etc...). I felt a loyalty to my company and thought I would support our music player. On Saturday I went into the Apple store and the urge came gushing back. So I thought and thought about it and today I bought one. I was in and out of the store all within a few minutes. I bought an IPod and a armband thingy for it so I can use it when I run/walk. I don't feel so bad about it. The reason is I "subscribe" to Yahoo Unlimited and use it for downloading and listening at work. I have ITunes as well to store stuff I rip and upload onto the IPod. So the best of both worlds, I think. For a better part of the late afternoon I was going through my music and ripping some CDs. What I really want to do is go to my friends house and rummage through his massive music collection for songs to rip into my ITunes. I also have a removable hard drive with 20+GB's of music I have yet to sort through. I think the best thing is to import the songs I like best then organize them into playlists then transfer over to the IPod. Im sure this will take me a couple of days to work on and be satisfied.
Hanging out with V today was a lot of fun and much more tiring then usual. He was awake for most of the day and really wanted to be held. I barely got a break and when I did instead of relaxing I did laundry and cleaned up the kids playroom which K terrorized the night before. But you know what, it was so totally worth it. There is something just so peaceful about holding V up against me and having his teeny little hands clutch on to me and watching him smile, even if it is because of gas!
8am - Waffles
11am - Diet Coke, couple of lemon cookies
2pm - Clementine Izze
4.15pm - Chicken Sandwich, a couple of french fries, coke Zero

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  1. Amber, did you look through the new Lucky yet? That Kooba bag they have in the handbag feature is so fierce! I hope that you consider that one. It looks soooooo good!