I don't know if I'm really enjoying this cold, wet weather. Granted my lawn really needed the rain. The trade off isn't to worth it. Today I busted out the parka to run my errands. I had to go to the Social Security office and mail something UPS so little V was bundled up and strapped tightly against my chest in the Baby Bjorn. I ran my morning errands as quickly as possible and we made it home in one piece.

Yesterday was K's last day at the temporary daycare. He enjoyed himself very much. He'll only be at the sitters this week and then its all over. Next Monday the little guy starts his Montessori daycare. I'm so excited for him! I need to go through his school checklist and make sure I have all of his items together and ready to go. I really don't want to be scrambling around doing it on Sunday.

We've been passively looking at houses again. We want to move but won't do it until we finish some projects on our house. We're going to start scheduling our contractors/HVAC/window people since I'll be going back to work soon. It will be so nice to get the new windows in. Once that part is done we'll need to repaint the house. Thank God! I hate the color of my house, its a peachy-pink now. The previous owner matched everything to the house color. When we moved in the carpet was pink, the blinds were pink, the door insets were pink, the vintage hardware (on doors, sconces, hinges) were pink. Okay I digress, it will be nice to get rid of this color. I think pickig a new house color is going to be tough. We have a few colors in mind but nothing is finalized. I'm hoping we'll be able to serious start looking for a new home at the end of the year.

I just finished watching Capote. I enjoyed the movie even though I found it a bit slow. Phillip Seymor Hoffman was great, creepy almost. Definetly not something I could watch again. Today, from Netflix I received the bonus disc for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I bought the DVD but didn't spring for the deluxe edition, I figured I would just rent the extra stuff. The interviews were pretty good. These kids, err teens, have grown up so quickly. It just seems like yesterday they were these tiny little 11 year olds! God I love this series, both books and movies!

Monday's Food:

9.30a - english muffin with peanut butter
11.00a - cinnamon toast
1p - homemade chicken curry salad with raisins
3p - handful of granola
6p - corned beef and a tangelo

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  1. The bonus disk for GoF isn't worth it unless you're interested in playing the games. The interviews with the 3 teens is sometimes painful to watch because the only one who seems to be capable of speaking like a normal person is Emma Watson.