The Grove

I thought today was my turn to sleep in. I actually thought I slept in a little cause it seemed a little sunnier then usual when I opened my eyes this morning. Little did I know it was actually 6.30am and T and K had only woken up minutes before me. V was fussing a little in his bassinet so I scooped him up brought him into bed and fed him. Since the remote was in arms reach I turned on the TV for a few minutes. When it was time to really wake up and leave the room T was amped up and ready to go out. For breakfast that is. I was a little hesitant to go but K seemed like he was in a good mood. However things took a turn for the worst in mere minutes. Suddenly K got really, really fussy and started throwing a tantrum for just about everything. Trying to reason with him wasn't working. K knew what he wanted and wanted it now. Errr, actually five minutes ago. On a sidenote, watching a 20 month old throw a tantrum is so hilarious I need to walk away at times so I can chuckle to myself. It's just to cute! Anyway, I decided we were going to stay at home for breakfast and I was going to cook something up quickly.

After breakfast we loaded the troops and gear into the car and headed out. Since it was nearing K's early nap we took a leisurely drive through the hills and looked at homes. I love looking at property! Normally I bring my camera along to photograph landscapes, architecture and architectural details. Anyway, once K got at least an hour of a nap we decided to head towards The Grove. We actually got a bit sidelined when V woke up and we needed to feed him. We stopped off at Griffith Park
, just near The Greek theater, spread out the picnic blanket food and snacks and took a little break to play with K and feed V. It was actually really peaceful and nice. So after that pit stop we zipped off to The Grove. We grabbed a little something for K at the Farmer's Market and then browsed the shops and people watched. We were there for a few hours, a lot longer then I expected. There's a little man made pond in the center of the grove and we stopped off to look at it just as the water show started. K got such a kick from it that I couldn't stop staring at the big smile on his face the entire time. At one point we thought the show had ended and started to walk away and he saw, out of the corner of his eye, that one of the water jets started up again. We furiously started waving his arms and crying out for us to stop and take him back. Naturally we did, how could we say no to such a cute little red head? All in all our day was fantastic. K napped on the car ride home and then some. In fact he went to bed about 2-hours ago around midnight. Yikes! Note to self: no more late afternoon naps!

Tomorrow we're going back to Griffith Park, to Shane's Inspiration playground to be exact. The playground is beautiful and K had so much fun. This time we're loading up on snacks and a few little rattle toys for V. Hopefully I'll have some time to take the boys on the carousel. If there's time I'm hoping we can head over to Pasadena to look at the goodies at the PCC flea market.

Food for Saturday:
8.30am - 2 eggs, corned beef hash and wheat toast
10.30am - Large Americano
2pm - Sour cream and onion pretzel
8.30 pm - Waffles

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