Get Her A Tissue

Yesterday afternoon we broke the news to our sitter. I have a hard time telling people bad news and disciplining them as well. T, on the other hand, doesn't give a rats ass so he told her. Of course he was nice about it. As soon as she realized that this was going to be her last month with K her eyes starting welling up. To kind of ease her we're going to tell her that, if she would allow us to, we would like to continue to use her as a sitter for weekends and evenings. Although we aren't really planning on it. I'm just excited my little guy will be starting daycare. I'm thirlled by the daily curriculum and I think the stimulation and socialization is going to have a big effect on him.

So, Soap Net has started the 90210 series from the beginning again. I think today is only the third episode. These old ones are pretty frunny. I was so quickly sucked into this series and look at me today 15 years later I'm still watching this darn show!

I went into Old Town earlier today to meet my friend for brunch. It's so strange to see the transformation taking place on Colorado blvd. There's now a Tiffany, which has been open a few months now, there will be an Abercrombie, a Melting Pot and an H&M. I don't really care about Abercrobie but H&M will be awesome and a fondue restaurant, Yum! Unfortunately the company will be relocating to our brand spanking new campus in a few short months so no afternoon shopping jaunts for me!

Tuesday Food:
8am - English Muffin with Peanut Butter
11.30am - Homemade meatball sandwich and 1 piece of baklava
12.30 pm - Coke Zero banana
7.15pm - tuna

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  1. H&M at old town??? Woohoo, best news ever. I got to get myself out there. I love H&M.