Friday's Food

8 am - 2 eggs, 2 sausage, english muffin with peanut butter and two cups of coffee
11.15 am -
Mushroom burger and hot tea
2 pm - 1 rice krispy treat
5.30 pm - Pasta with red sauce

Not only is K teething AGAIN, he also has a slight cough. That cough has recently spread to V. The difference between the two is that K can take various over the counter medications to suppress his cough and aid in any type of congestion and V cannot. Poor V has to just wait it out. This is actually the second cold he caught from K so I'm not super worried about it since he shook it off once before. Until it goes away I guess I'll be lugging out the cool-mist humidifier again and those blue snot sucker things will become my best friend.

Speaking of that snot sucker thing, until I had kids I had know idea what they were for. I saw them in the stores and at friend's homes who had children. So when I had K and was shown how to use it I was a little surprised. I was actually afraid to use it. I thought I was hurting K. I mean the tube portion is literally shoved up there nose and it looks like such a snug fit. I did it a few times, when K was stuffy, and was really gentle and slow about the sucking part. T did it. It seemed so rough and almost as though it was hurting K. But it wasn't. I tried it his way and it totally worked. Now with V I just jump right in and all that pesky snot up his nose is no match for my snot sucker. I actually love using it now. In some weird sick way there's a bit of satisfaction when you depress that blue ball and you here all that snot being sucked right up. Yuck!

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  1. Piper's nose is too small for the snot sucker. I've tried two different ones and neither of them fit up there.