Free Guinness

It's Sunday night and I can't even rememer what I did on Friday. I don't think anything. I think I spent most of the day chilling at home and doing mild house chores. I'll move on now.

Saturday was pretty hectic. By the time I finished cooking breakfast, eating, cleaning up and fed V it was nearly 10. We were spenging the afternoon visiting with my Popo who was staying with relatives down in Lakewood. Although Lakewood is only 25 miles away it took us 1.5 hours to get there. Damn traffic on the 5!!!! Both kids fell asleep in the car and had a great nap. We finally got to the house and we were exhausted. K freaked out and just started crying. It was strange cause he had never, ever done that before. T thought maybe he was scared of old people, I actually thought that was hysterical. After taking the required family pictures we bailed after 2.5 hours. K was getting cranky and V had just finished eating so it was a good window for us. We did have plans for the evening so I wanted to get home with enough time to chill, straighten up, pick up dinner and dress before the sitter showed up. Getting a sitter is so STRESSFUL. I emailed a sitter service and when they got back to me they no longer offered temporary/on call sitters. I really didn't know where to turn at this point. My only option was to call Val. Luckily, Val was happy to watch the kids on Saturday. Okay, so we got home around 3.3o-3.45 from Lakewood and soon after the phone rang and it was Val. She was on the Westside and wanted to know if she could just come straight over. She ran into the same traffic problem as I and didn't want to deal with that and wanted to come straight over and hang out until we were ready to leave. No problem. Now I had to kick it into high gear and do some speedy cleaning. This actually worked out well cause she could watch the babies while T and I dressed later in the evening.
We left home around 7.30p. We had plans to attend a birthday party and the Cat and Fiddle. We had a great time. Guinness was free and they had a ton of food. The birthday girl had to cupcake birthday cakes from Sprinkles. We hung out and talked to our friends. It was great to be out of the house and with a group of adults again. Funny though. Those of us with kids ended up talking about them comparing notes on feeding, napping, sleeping through the nights. We called it an early night, not because we had to cause of the sitter, but we knew we would be up bright and early with the boys and didn't want to be hungover or barely awake when the sun came up.

Today was the day I decided to buy my purse. Yes, I bought my Kooba. My black Kooba Sienna. I love it. Since I have commitment issues with big purchases I have loaded my belonging into my new purse but have not cut off any tags. The leather is fabulous. The hardware so heavy duty. The lavender suede lining so soft that I wish I had it large enough for a blanket. I have been posing in front of my mirror with my purse. I have made T wear my purse and pose for me so I could see it on another person. Oh I love it! I love purses so much. I think buying purses is my favorite thing to do. So my little stash of money that was named "Amber's Purse Fund" is now empty and I'll have to start over when I go back to work.

When we were finished with our little bit of shopping at Barneys we took the elevator back down to the parking lot and guess who we see down there just a mere 3-4 stalls away? Jonatan Antin of Blow Out fame standing in front of his new Range Rover unloading his Universal stroller frame and smoking a cigarette. While we were finishing up loading our stroller frame, kids and packages into the car his girlfriend/wife came out with their adorable little son. It was funny cause we were all just sorta staring at each other. I notice people with kids do that a lot . We all kinda stare at each other and each others kids assessing the situation. Pretty funny.

Okay now on to the food:
Friday food
11.30a cheeseburger
1.30p - 2 red vines, diet coke
5.30p - homemade curry chicken salad with raisins and half a whole wheat pita

Saturday food
8.45a - 2 eggs, 1.5 slices of french toast, coffee
12.45p - lemon-lime Vitamin Water
2.15p - 1/2 turkey sandwich, oj
6p - BBQ chicken and rice
8p-10p - handful of tortilla chips, 2 Guinness

Sunday food
9a - 2 eggs 1.5 slices of french toast
12p - vanilla ice blended
2.45p - ham and cheese sandwich
7p - homemade chicken fried rice


  1. I have made T wear my purse and pose for me so I could see it on another person.

    Bwaaahahahaha!!! I would so totally want to see a picture of that!!!!

  2. I told you he was "a keeper." What a guy! You are very lucky!