Don't Drink the Water

In the last month I've receied news from two girlfriends that they are pregnant! I'm so excited for both of them! T and I knew both couples were wanting to have kids very soon and were actually joking with each other of who would be next. After meeting up with one of our friends and talking to them T said, "Oh, they are totally the next couple on the baby bandwagon." I couldn't disagree with him. And of course soon after we received the news. And last night I talked to one of my girlfriends and she sprang her news on me. I screamed out in joy for her. I'm so excited that our buddies are all having babies. Getting together with them will have a whole different dynamic it will be interesting to see each other as parents. And Amber, if you're reading, T and I so desperately want to visit you and we constantly talk about it, I swear one day we will. I told him about how you and I were talking about Vegas and shopping and stuff and he said he and Ben could totally hang out and play craps but he said he was terrified of our shopping excursions. What a scaredy cat! But it sure would be fun. Buffets, shopping, occassional slots!

So what did I eat yesterday????
10am - sausage, yogurt/granola/fruit, diet pepsi
1.30pm - salsbury steak (approx 1/2 a serving)
6.30pm - banana
8pm - turkey dog

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