The Butcher

We completely took advantage of our day without the babies. T slept for most of the day and when he was awake he mainly obsessed on his computer working on his IPod playlist. I on the other hand. Relaxed at home, watched some Tivoed shows, got an hour long mani and spa pedi (I just sat there with my eyes shut and relaxed) and read my magazines. It was fabulous. But I couldn't help but think about teeny little V. We picked the boys up at 4.30pm and played with them when we got home. Anyway, I was unpacking V's diaper bag and immediately got upset. First, I packed six bottles and there were 4 unused bottles in the bag. Huh? I was confused. I know this baby eats about every 2 hours so all the bottles should have been used. I was upset for a bit but decided to give my sitter the benefit of the doubt and assumed she washed the 2 used bottles throughout the day and used them over and over (but did she sterilize?) I also packed 9 diapers because V goes after every feeding and when I was unpacking there were 8 diapers. Uh, if you do the math he was changed ONCE!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!!!!!????? I yelled and almost cried and told T to take off V's clothes and diaper and I bet he had the beginning of diaper rash. Yep he did! FUCK! Needless to say all the anger I've had towards my sitter in the past, which had subsided, now came flooding back. Another thing that upset T and I was when we picked the kids up the sitter was saying how shocked she was that V hardly ever slept throughout the day. Yeah, I know. He likes to be held but he also spends a lot of time chillilng in on his play mat playing with all the dangling toys. So the sitter was saying she was trying to "work" but couldn't because V was awake. Okay, if I'm not mistaken you're MY EMPLOYEE and your work consists of taking care of my kids. Did I miss something in interpreting the babysitter job duties? And the sitter was saying, "Thank god {daughter's boyfriend} was there to help me out watching him so I could finish my work." Yeah, that's a problem. She thinks it's okay to have her daughter's or daughter's boyfriend watch my kids if she's busy or needs to run an errand. Although she's never asked us if that's okay. Which isn't okay with us. I've actually told her that if she needs to run an errand or have an appt or anything to let me know in advance so I can either make other arrangements or plan to leave work early to get them.
Now before anyone says to leave and find a new sitter since I've had issues in the past, I've been looking. I really, really have and have had no luck. But on the upside our office are moving in a couple of months and the sitter will no longer be on our route and we refuse to backtrack to drop the kids off at the sitter. So, that said, we found a great daycare that will take both boys and we've been in contact and we're waiting for them to set up an appointment for us to meet the director and then start the enrollment process. Please keep your fingers crossed that we here back and they take my munchkins.

On another note, I watched a show called Modern Marvels on the History Channel last night. It was on butchers. It was really interesting and I actually learned a lot about the profession. Strangely, when living in Chicago, I had a co-worker who was apprenticing to be a butcher. Okay, so they talked a lot about beef and how the history of The Butcher came to be. Then towards the end of the show they talked about how there are three different kinds of butchers: 1)A regular type of butcher that you see in markets 2)a portioning butcher who usually works out of a warehouse/factory and receive the animal whole, skins it, cures it and portions out various types of meet and 3)a mobile butcher who travels around with a sterile mobile butchering RV (that's not what it is really called just what it looks like), the RV is very sterile and is sterilized on site with an on-site inspector who will inspect the place before and after the butchering. Anyway a farm will call for a mobile butcher to come out to the farm and if the farmer is having problem killing the cow the mobile butcher will do it. So they showed this guy get out his gun, load it, go out in the cow pen and shoot the cow. Then they showed him loading the dead cow into his mobile butchering station, skinning it, slicing it open, sawing it in pieces etc...then the health/USDA inspector
comes out to make sure everything is cool which it normally is and its done. Oh man, it was so gross but I couldn't stop watching. It was like a car wreck, you can't help but stare. But my stomach was churning and churning I could hardly stand it. If I were a bigger fan of fish and veggies I would probably stop eating beef based on what I saw. Blach! Following The Butcher Modern Marvel was another epidsode on Taxidermy followed by a third episode on Leather. T was getting so grossed out that I was only able to get into 10 minutes of Tasidermy and he demanded I changed the station. If it's on today I will probably watch those other two episodes no matter how badly grossed out I get.

And now for my food:
8am - 2 eggs scrambled with mushrooms, about a quarter cup of potatoes and peppers and wheat toast
2.30pm - Diet Coke and 3 Thin Mints
6.30pm - Rice and Black Bean Burrito and guacamole and a diet coke

Okay so I received a comment from someone saying my "diet" is awful and its all sugar and carbs. First I never said I was on a diet. The purpose for me to list my food everyday if for me to see how poorly I'm eating. It's one thing to eat crap all day and totally deny it. I thought that if I logged my food consumption on a daily basis and was able to go back and review what I was eating it would be an eye opener. Can I tell you, it's so totally working. Now that I see that I've been eating so much JUNK I'm starting to be a little more concious of what I eat and I really rethink the foods I buy at the store. I've also been able to go back and look for any trends in my poor eating like is it a certain time of day i'm eating the junk or is it throughout the day etc. One example of this experiment. I noticed the poor eating and also noticed there are certain types of food constantly missing from my diet, mainly fish and veggies. Not because I just don't cook it but because I don't like fish and veggies. But I did what I had to do to try and get my eating habits to resemble something and made fish for dinner the other night. Can I say that was the first time I ate fish in almost 15 years! To my surprise I actually liked what I made. So much so I'm going to experiement with another fish recipe which includes some veggies. Alright enough of this. I really don't need to defend myself in any way on MY blog but I just wanted to clarify my purpose of logging my food. Thanks for listening.


  1. When I lived in Alabama, during one of my biology classes in high school, we went on a field trip to a slaughterhouse. I quit eating meat for about 6 months after that.

    In college, for one of my American Lit classes, we had to read "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair which is about Chicago's meat packing industry in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

    Between those 2 things, it's a wonder I still eat beef.

  2. from your description of your sitter, she doesn't sound like someone I will trust my kids with, doesn't matter how cheap she is.
    on the ohter hand if you never tell her how you feel about how she is doing, things will never improve.

  3. This is exactly the kind of thing that freaks me out about "family day care" - at first, I thought it was what I wanted to do... after looking around a bit, I am feeling more comfortable about using a daycare center for Piper even though it's more expensive and less intimate. There are many more checks and balances in place.