My New Home

After being with Pitas.com for 3 years I've decided to move to a much simpler, non-manual format. Hi Blogger. I'm Amber. I'm happy to be here. My Pitas archive can be accessed here.

Much to my dismay I have no will power. I've had two babies in just over two years. I barely lost the weight from baby number one before I was pregnant with baby number two. Now I have moe weight then I would like to work off. It's so deceiving you know, within a couple of weeks of giving birth your body almost instantly sheds 30 or so pounds but then it stops. What's with that???? I've told myself no junk food after X day. Yeah right! Okay no more soda. Uh you mean I couldn't drink coke for 9-months and now I have to give it up??? I don't think so. So I have no will power. I thought maybe If I logged everything I ate by day it would open up my eyes and I would have a little more control over what I eat.

6.15 am - 1 glazed donut from
Krispy Kreme
10.45 am - 8oz of grapefruit and a half-cup of cottage cheese
1.00 pm - Chicken enchiladas with chipotle sauce, rice, 2 cokes, 1 glass of water, handful of chips and salsa

6.40 pm - Chocolate donut
6.45 pm - 12oz of V8 Splash


  1. i have no will power either. treadmill for 2 days, then coke/junk food for another days.

  2. I had willpower for a while and then it went away.