Like, I was at the Galleria

I felt the need to get out of the house today and go some place I could just zone out at (oddly being out on maternity leave for 3 months, this was the first time that I really wanted to leave the house). So I went to the Glendale Galleria. I strolled around for nearly 3.5 hours and it felt great. The feeling great part, not necessarly being at the mall but more the walking around part. V was an angel and mainly chilled quietly in his stroller. I did make a few purchases: a couple of dresses, necklace, black long sleeved shirt and some cute, plain flats.

I always find it funny the types of people who are at the mall on a weekday. Today I saw homeless people with their shopping carts sleeping on various benches. Various groups of mentally challenged people staggard throughout the place. Some Nannies and babies. And the majority, mom's with their kids. So. Many. Strollers. Yep, I was one of them. I, personally, like to make note of the types of strollers and diaper bags people tend to choose. I myself use a Skip Hop for both my boys (Olive for K and Orange for V). Stroller wise, with K I used my cousins hand-me-down Graco travel system which I found to be a fucking bulky pain in the ass! Once K outgrew the carseat portion (about 9-months) I ditched the entire system and bought a lightweight KidCo which he still uses. With V I streamlined. I use a Combi Connection car seat and just snap it on the Combi Flash EX. Okay anyway, it seems that the Graco-ish travel systems are very popular especially with the built-in parent trays, you know the little cup holders and compartment for keys and cell phones. I have that stuff on V's stroller and on K's I just bought some cup holders that attach right on. See some stuff but much less bulky. I also notice that people carry some huge ass diaper bags too. I don't get it. Really I doubt. I have a 2-month old and I don't see why I would need to carry around something that would double as a weekender for Santa Barbara or anything. Whatever, to each their own.

And now my food for the day. Two comments though, knowing I'm going to enter this on the web really makes me think about what goes into my mouth and its only day two.
I noticed I'm not drinking water. Huh? I know I am. I guess it's just something so natural to me that I'm just not concious of it thus not writing it down. Okay so here it is:
6.30 am - Glazed donut
8am - Cup of hot tea
8.30 am - English muffin w/peanut butter
10.30 am - half a Whole wheat pita with scrambled eggs and a slice of cheese
3.00 pm - 10pc chicken mcnuggets and a large diet coke
6.15 pm - half a whole wheat pita and hummus
8.00 pm - 2 glasses of lemonade, grilled turkey and cheese sandwich


  1. So, Jacy's baby gripe water spilled all over the inside of her current baby bag (a lovely magenta Chinese brocade number), and I've been obsessing over hew next baby bag. I was considering the skip hop, or maybe one of those laminated bags. Good to know that you guys like the skip hop.

  2. No food after 7 pm.