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Summer Vacation Itemized

  • Kids got out of school on 6/24, ridiculousness!
  • The Middle & Youngest have been in camp everyday since school got out
  • The eldest wanted less camp this year since he's going into middle school in the fall. But today is his first day of camp, he'll only do 3-weeks the entire summer
  • We had amazing weather in May, like sunny and 90 in May.  But summer so far has been 70s and overcast, nearly every single day
  • weather wise, worst summer ever.  I want to wear shorts and tanks and really as little clothes as possible.  i want to lay on the beach, get a tan, wear big hats and sunnies.  but none of that is happening
  • i had so many guests over the last couple of months, mom and dad were the most recent, leaving on Independence Day. 
  • I'm normally not a refined sugar eater, because goals.  But with guests, that sometimes goes out the window.  Now im weaning myself back off and feeling so much better that im doing so.  When i eat refined sugar it is totally obvious, staring at my naked body.  It really makes its presence known.
  • Today all my kids are at full day camp.  my first day home alone since school was in session
  • Current situation:  chest cold.  coughing a lot.  wheezing.  need some expectorant badly.
  • my babysitter moved to the mid-west.  I need a new sitter asap!
  • T is staying out at the country house for the next few days.  he really needed time to relax and destress.  hope he is able to take care of himself while he's out there.
  • scored an incline bench and squat rack for free! al in the same week too.


The Evolution of my First

We crossed a milestone with my eldest.  This year he graduated from elementary school.  I look at this young man and cannot believe how quickly the time is going by.  He started this past school year excited, anxious and with a great best friend to hang out with.  He had an amazing teacher, who got him, I mean really, really got all of his eccentricies,  his sense of humor, and his insightful, off the wall, and thoughtful moments. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher then the man he had this year.

He had a rollercoaster of a year academic wise.  Not because he struggled due to lack of understanding but more out of disengagement and boredom. He has a large knowledge base and really has surpassed what they have been teaching him in school.  As a result he mentally checked out in many of his subjects.  Which is sad but understandable, especially if you know my kid.  Not to say there weren't subjects that he did like.  He loved Social Studies and his reading class.  He read An Omnivores Dilemma at the start of the school year and really enjoyed and learned a lot from it.  He became much more caring and mindful about what he ate, and where it came from.  He chose to give up many fast food options and processed options which made me happy because it wasn't a decision I had to make for him but a conclusion he drew on his own.  

Now, with elementary school under his belt we are staring down the tunnel of middle school.  He will be entering the realm of private school and we found a great montessori middle school which will surly capture his light.  He spent a day at the school in the fall and enjoyed it very much, so i can only imagine the doors and possibilities the school will open for him.  Really capturing his spirit and eagerness to learn.

Another big moment for Big Red is he turned 12!!!  Officially a tween.  Deep down he's an old soul but still a 12 year old.

I've watched my son grow into a very sensitive, smart, hilarious young man.  He is fiercely independent.  He obsesses about the things he enjoys.  He is a self learner, and will do whatever he needs to do to learn about his passions.  He is quiet when he wants to be.  He is not afraid to be true to himself no matter what the other kids are in to.  He doesn't care what other people think about him.  A trait I couldn't be more proud of.  His sense of humor is off the charts, its definitely not for everyone, and if you aren't paying attention you'll totally miss it.  He is polite.  He is super adventurous.  He is just an amazing young man.  Im so proud of him.  He and I are so different and although he just turned 12 I learn from him every day!


Weight Loss Journey - May 2016

I've maintained my weight for a year!  That's a huge deal and I feel like I should have a party for it or something.  I had some moments over the holidays and early in the spring when I pretty much said fuck it and wasn't as disciplined as I normally am but c'mon 1)it was the holidays, 2)holiday food and snacks are bomb and in terms of the spring 3)I had back to back visitors and really did the best I could which can sometimes be tough when you're eating out so much.

But May 1 I pulled up my bootstraps, we had no more family in town and i'm back on track.  I was feeling so sluggish for awhile and I totally know it was due to diet and inconsistent workouts but not anymore.  

I would love to drop a 3-5 more lbs for the summer and really be able to rock my swimsuit but not necessary.  I think i'm looking pretty good, im in a juniors small/xsmall and feeling super confident with myself.  It's amazing the confidence i'm feeling because I didn't feel like I was lacking any of it before but with my new lifestyle i don't feel timid about anything.  It's so incredibly freeing!

A few months ago I've totally changed up my workouts to really get the maximum benefit of lifting.  Im working out in a 3 part cycle:  #1 back/biceps, #2 legs/glutes, #3shoulders/chest/triceps.  It's working out great and focusing on these muscle groups have been making an impact on the look of my body and im liking it.  The muscles are growing quick and I do need to be careful when it comes to my legs because those quads grow real fast.  Speaking of quads I've dialed back on the amount of squats I do because the quads were getting a little big (ger then I like) so I'm doing less squats but definitely working the hammys and ass.

But all and all im happy with being able to maintain my weight for a year. I had hiccups as I mentioned but I get back on track and those hiccups have occured around holidays which is reasonable and having visitors on vacation.  

Hoping for a successful summer in terms of weight, and food and workouts!

The Other Hourse

We are 90% done with decorating and moving into our other house.  We've had some people stay in there for some vacation time and I really hope I get some great constructive criticism.  I think the house is looking great.  We just got a hot tub delivered and getting all connected up this Thursday.  The lawn is now being mowed on a regular basis the pasture on the other hand is another matter, and something we will deal with down the road.

3400 sqft is a lot to clean and I really need to come up with a good, efficient system.  The worst part is making the beds.  Really don't enjoy but its a job that has to get done.  

Im really loving spending time out there and am looking forward to later in the summer for some time to really stay out there without having to jet back to Seattle for one thing or another.

We still have little things to do, which is more for us, like buying a larger tv and getting a desk in the office.

Bigger projects include, busting out the wet bar and putting in our shelving unit we have in the garage and destroying the MIL kitchen, downstairs, and turning it into a proper laundry room/sewing room.  Think long countertops, shelves, and space for a chair or two.  Of course we'd also like to  move the extra fridge to the garage to store some back up food for us when guests are staying and we don't want to schlep all our food back to Seattle with us.  All in all it'll be great to have the house for the summer. to get away from it all and hide out if need be.

This is turning out to be one of the smarter purchases we have made.