Finality of Her Days PART 1

My Mother-In-Law passed away on October 5th.  It was not unexpected just much quicker then we thought.  Much, much quicker then we all thought.  The woman that raised my husband and his brother and has lived quite the amazing life will be missed.

In August we spent 2 weeks in Hawaii to wrap up our summer.  It's a rare occasion when we leave the beautiful summers of the Pacific Northwest for Hawaii.  We'd much rather visit in the winter and have some reprieve, even if just for a week, of gray skies.  T had been working A LOT and was super stressed out and really needed a change of scenery so tickets were bought and we stayed as long as we could, which was 15-days.  

As always we were excited for sun, family and the beach.  

About a week prior to leaving my mother-in-law called us and delivered some terrible news.  She had recently gone to the doctor due to recurring pains and illness she had been suffering with for months.  She learned she had stage 4 cancer, in her bones. My MIL had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and 2013 which resulted in a double mastectomy;  both times it went away.  This time it was bad and it was shocking.  To say the timing was terrible would sound selfish but I know T was feeling it because Hawaii, this time around, would be filled with numerous doctor visits.  But you do what you need to do for family.  T's brother also flew to Hawaii so they could both go through these beginning appointments with their mom.  

Again we got the news in mid-August and were able to spend a lot of time during our visit to Hawaii with her.  T and C spent a lot of time "getting her affairs" in order should they be faced with the inevitable.  My MIL did most of this years ago, because she was super smart that way, so much of what the boys did was ensuring that their names were added to accounts and all the t's were crossed and i's were dotted.  We left Hawaii on September 5th.

3-weeks later my MIL was hospitalized and it wasn't looking great, at the end of September T & C both flew back to Hawaii to care for their mother who had requested home hospice care as all treatments for cancer had ceased due to her deteriorating health.  
3-days after T arrived in Hawaii his mother passed away, at home, in bed with her son at her side.  

My heart swelled for him so badly and I was so thankful he was able to spend his mothers last few days with her.
There was no funeral, no wake.  My MIL had donated her body to the University's medical school, this was done years prior at her choosing.  Her son's instead, took a group of her best gals to a lavish dinner where they could celebrate her life and swap loving, funny, kooky stories.  It was what she would have loved to have happen.  Her loved ones together celebrating and sharing their love for her.  

Although I remained in Washington I know that this was something my husband wanted to do alone, with his brother.  With no worries of other loved ones he had to cater to.  I have yet to really see him grieve.  He's been swamped in dealing with all the "paperwork" that comes with closing the book on someone's final days.  He has now lost both parents, I've seen how strong he really is, much more then I ever imagined.  Just like his mother.  

Since her passing I have learned so much of the woman that is, was, my mother-in-law.  My knowledge of her was what she had shared with me via stories and photos, which honestly was not a lot.  Or what my husband and brother had shared with me which was just a sliver more then what she shared.  She lived a very colorful, privileged life and my thoughts have her have changed so much as a result.  Now there is the woman I knew and the woman I wish I had known.

To be continued.


Weight Loss Journey - Sept 2015

It's been a long while.  I have not fallen off the wagon or anything but just been, good old fashioned, busy.  With 3-kids, summer vacation, activities, traveling and then a teacher's strike that delayed the start of school it's been busy.  

I've been super diligent about my nutrition and fitness. I've changed up my fitness routine and thus changed up my nutrition a bit.

I've been working out 6-days a week and, finally, alternating arm and leg work out days.  Since I've essentially doubled my workout I had to start eating a bit more then I was.  I can tell that my strength has increased and my body feels good.  I feel so much muscle tone throughout my legs and I can see it in my arms.  Slowly but surely my arms are shaping out nicely, i'm really digging it!  I've been logging all my workouts, meticulously keeping track of reps and weight i've been lifting and looking back at my progress i've been so proud of what I've accomplished.  Over the past 2 weeks or so there has been little movement on the scale but my clothes are fitting different so I know all this lifting is starting to reshape my body.  The scare says i'm 2lbs heavier then I was before I went to Hawaii in August but the size 4 jeans are a little big in the waist so stuff's a shaping up!!!

I calculated my macros and have been eating according to my goals.  It's been super weird eating more carbs, like a lot more carbs, but I also secretly love it.  I stick to much more "safe" carbs like brown rice and sweet potato but occasionally I'll have some bread because you know, avocado toast!

I'm down 50 lbs and I am a mere 5-7lbs (depending on the day) away from my ultimate, bottom out, goal weight.  I'm actually at my initial goal weight but sometimes its hard to just say i'm done when I feel like I can squeeze out another 5 lbs.  I'm totally happy where I am now.  I feel so good and have so much more energy.  All of this radiates in all that I do.  I honestly can't remember when I last felt this healthy.  Some of the things I no longer deal with are heartburn, fatigue after walking just a mile or so, in the past year I've rarely gotten sick minus a mild cold.  The best part is feeling strong and having my husband being able to carry me.  Not that he has ever had the need to have to carry me but if he had to he totally can.  

I still see my trainer she is a constant motivation and inspiration in my life.  Knowing I'll see her every week keeps me focused on my ultimate goal.  Other then hitting the studio with her I still do all my exercises at home.  I have a great weight set, I use the elliptical every eve and I start my day with a 20-min round of tabata.  I have my eye on the prize and I'm not looking back!


Summer Update

Can't believe we are midway through July!  This has been our mellowest summer to date.  This year I decided not to over schedule the children and I feel like it is working out well.  The boys are getting older and do not need hour by hour structure.  They are being pretty flexible in terms of our activities we do together and it helps that they are really enjoying their summer camps.

This week Crash is in a pre-engineering Lego camp.  Her brothers were enrolled in this camp when they were her age and LOVED it so I hoped she would as well.  And guess what, she is loving it so much.  She's been sharing her days with me and is so thrilled and excited by everything she's been building.  The boys are in good old fashion summer day camp through the Boys & Girls Club.  They are spending lots of time playing, going to parks, pools, basketball games and more.  Many of their school friends are at camp so that is fun for them.  Big Red attended a RPG programming camp at UW; he was enrolled in the overnight camp which he really enjoyed.  It was his first time "dorming" and I think it changed him for the better.  He came back slightly more matured and independent.  We weren't even out of the computer lab when he asked if he could attend next year!

Our weekends have been crazy!  Lots of BBQs and fairs and its been great.  This past sunday we got in a nice walk through the Mercer Slough.  Here are some photos from our summer so far.


Sartorial: Basic Black Body Con Dress

List 045

List 045 by seattlemom featuring a black top

I've been a huge fan of the basic black, skin tight dress since highschool.  I think it's one of the most versatile items you can have.  With flip flops or sandals it is casual, with a heel or boots it can become dressy and what can't you layer over it?  Here are three ways I would dress it up from brunch, to date night and something a little dressier like a dinner or party.  I recently updated my body con dress to a basic tank top style one mid thigh length and one knee length.  I like to throw a flannel on over it and when it gets to warm I can tie it around my waist and keep on keeping on with my day.  Yeah it evokes a little bit of grunge but that's not a bad thing!

The body con dress in black.  Try one on, its the perfect closet staple!

Fathers Day 2015

Today my husband is lucky enough to celebrate his 10th Father's Day.  It's a day we get to shower him with extra kindness, his favorite foods and activities.  A day the kids look forward to and all fight to spend 1:1 time with him.  My husband is a good sport about it, better then me that's for sure.  

T has grown into being a wonderful father.  He's respectful of each child, recognizes all of their individual strengths and weaknesses.  Is stern in the right ways at the right times and is continually nurturing our children.  If you asked me 15 years ago if I thought what kind of father he would be, one day, I would have no answers to provide.  I could have never imagined he would become the man, the father that he is.  My children are lucky to have him.  I am lucky to have grown this life with this man.

Happy Father's Day T.  Never in a million years can I think of any other human on this planet that are as wonderful to our children as you are.


Warm Weather Uniform

List 043

List 043 by seattlemom featuring Givenchy

It's been unseasonable warm here in Seattle.  I'm  not complaining, i'm loving it and taking it day by day.  One thing is for sure, our weather is totally unpredictable and tomorrow could be totally overcast and chili.  Let's not go there.  Instead let's talk about the warms.  

I was never really big on wearing shorts when I lived in sun shiny Los Angeles but here in the Pacific Northwest I embrace the sun and bask in it every chance I get.  That means showing off the pasty winter legs in shorts.  Cut off jean shorts, or jorts as I like to call them, are my shorts of choice.  Normally they are a pair of old jeans I have actually cut but once in a while I do buy a pair of actual, on purpose, denim shorts.  I did this year, and picked up a pair of Old Navy boyfriend cut shorts.  The pair I got are a little distrised and the cut is nice and loose and rides nicely on the hips.  If they made the exact same pair in a faded black I'd probably buy that to.  Most of my black denim shorts are cut from old jeans.  I'm a creature of habit when it comes to dressing in shorts.  I'll 99% of the time pair it with a muscle tee or tank top.  Jewelry is typically simple, a pair of earrings usually studs or hoops, a necklace and a few delicate rings.  That's it.  Top that off with some unique sunglasses and a big ass hat or "messy" curled hair and that's it.  Shoe wise will always be one of two things, high top vans or my salt water sandals.  Easy peasy.  I'm telling you, creature of habit!  

These warm days have been heavenly.  I've been spending a lot of my time out in my backyard, planting and babying my veggies, watching my little play with her barbies in their "pool" and when I have some time alone I'm really loving basking in the sun and having time to read one of my many half read books.

BBQ season is here and I look forward to the school year wrapping up and having friends over more often!  And yes, i'll likely be in jorts and a tank.


5 Things: Week of May 25, 2015

List 044

List 044 by seattlemom featuring yellow gold rings

This weeks five things have been on my mind or in my life for a little bit now but still very fresh.  First off cold brew, is there anything better?  I'm a big coffee drinker and I really, really like Stumptown.  They make a few variety of cold brew a couple of which have milk added and it tastes like straight up desert.  I don't do milk or cream in coffee so I normally drink the black cold brew and love it.  I recently discovered Nitro Cold Brew and god damn is that stuff smooth!  It's yummy and delicious and you should go try it if you are a cold brew fan.

I love personalized jewelry so when I found initial rings for $3 a each I had to get one for each of my kiddos and my man.  I stack the three kids rings together and I wear T's ring on my ring finger since my wedding rings no longer fit me.  I think these are sweet and minimal and totally right for me.

Are you watching Halt & Catch Fire?  Yes, I know it aired last summer but thanks to Netflix I'm watching it for the first time now.  I'm only a few episodes in and I'm really loving it!  Lee Pace is one of the main characters and he was so great in Pushing Daisies and I'm so glad he's on another fantastic series.

Summer's around the corner and it had me fantasizing of shorter hair.  I've been eyeballing short lobs on IG for months now.  Last week I took the plunge and cut my hair.  I promised myself to never have hair shorter than shoulder length and I broke my own promise.  Why?  Well, I have a fantastic stylist who gets my hair and if anyone could give me shorter hair without it turning into a mushroom it would be Ava.  And she pulled it off.  I have a wonderful, layered, thinned out short lob and it feels fantastic!

Bean teepee's rock.  I wish I had the garden space to create a giant one.  But alas, I don't and instead have a couple of smaller narrow bean teepee's going on in my backyard right now.  


Weight Loss Journey - May 2015

There I am.  In my current incarnation, 46lbs lighter then when I started.  I've been on my weight loss journey since September 2014, that's 8 months now.  Almost to the day, actually! The journey has been amazing and I've learned so much about myself.  I've learned that I have a tough as nails sense of dedication.  If I didn't I don't think I would be where I am today.  I love that this journey is visible to my kids, especially my little girl.  Although she'll occasionally comment and say things like, "mommy you look skinny,"  she more often says things like "mommy you are strong" or "mommy I want to be strong like you one day."  Those are the comments that make me smile.  Skinnier then I was before, is like the side effect, so to speak.  I started my journey wanting to be smaller, skinnier if you will, and healthier then I was.  As my training progressed and the weight started coming off my perspective changed.  Yes, being smaller is fabulous but its nothing compared to my energy, stamina, self-confidence and strength.  Those things are priceless.  My journey is not over, I have a little bit more to go to reach my goal then my focus will shift to building up my muscle and tightening things up.  

So yes I'm down 46lbs today!!!!!  I cannot believe that number.  It's huge, its more then my little girls weight!  About a month ago I went through my closet and, finally, removed all my big clothes.  Most of my clothes were big, like 95% of my clothes.  I kept trying to wear them with the addition of belts or sweaters to hide all the extra space.  I looked weird in my clothes.  The few things I did have that actually fit were very few.  Since clearing out my clothes I've bought a few inexpensive pieces to fill the gap and give me some variety in clothing.  I bought 4 pairs of jeans and 2 skirts from Forever 21!  I cannot believe I can buy clothes from Forever 21 -  Woot!!!  They are the price point I want to deal with at the moment because I feel like my body is still changing and I don't want to invest in quality pieces that I may not fit into in a couple of months.  I also picked up some new work out pants and shorts, for the summer, at Old Navy.  Typically I just cut up my old jeans into jorts for the summer, and I still did to my smaller big jeans but I HAVE to wear a belt and i'm cool with it since its comfy, worn and baggy.  But mostly I can't because my old pants are way to big.  Let me put it into perspective, the day I started my journey I was in a 12/14 and i'm currently in a 2/4.  WTF!  So clothing right now is not an investment for me, its totally transitional and I'm just dealing with minimal pieces and the few things I can still wear (because baggy sweaters are cool, right?) I mix it in.  
That photo up there is a side by side comparison of me, taken a year apart in the same dress (drawstrings are an amazing thing!).  I can hardly believe that is me.  I can hardly believe I somehow thought that dress fit me in 2014!  Ugh.  When I look at that photo I cannot believe that is me.  I cannot believe that I let myself get to that weight, however the before photo was taken in March 2014 over the course of the summer of 2014 I gained an additional 10lbs!!!  So the before picture is still lighter then I was when I started my journey.  I'm proud of where I've gotten to and i'm super motivated to get to my actual goal.  

My health feels amazing.  My body feels great, I don't get winded as quickly, I don't get much aches and pains (unless its from a workout) and I get excited to do outdoorsy things.  I've been told by friends that my journey has inspired them to a commit to a journey of their own and that is amazing.  To be that inspiration for another human being is warming for me.  Everyone has that moment when they feel that they need to make a change in their own life.  Wether that moment comes from seeing a photo of themselves and them not being what they thought they were, or seeing a friend/person they know make that lifestyle change.  And this is, most definitely a lifestyle change first and foremost.  I've been to the other end and I know I never, ever want to go back there.  I want to be healthy.  I want to be strong.  I want to be fit.  Not just for me but for my family.  If I inspire others along the way that is wonderful.  

Everyone deserves the best for themselves.

.....the journey continues!