Future Days - Thanksgiving Planning

i know, i know, its not even Halloween and i'm bringing up Thanksgiving.  Well, there is no planning needed for Halloween.  My boys are at an age that they don't know if they want to dress up and my littlest can't even make up her mind and will probably dress up as whatever, on a whim.  So there.

Thanksgiving.  Once again we will be traveling East.  Both for Thanksgiving and for a family wedding.  Unlike previous years, though, we will be staying with family, have some downtime where we are not staying with family and then will need to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights to be near wedding events.  I'm both excited and a little bit worried because we have never spent a dime on lodging when traveling East since we've always had the convenience of staying with family.  But we will be exiting that environment so my future sister-in-law and brother-in-law can have the week to prepare for their big day.  I don't blame them to want that privacy, I wouldn't want the extra stress of 5 extra people (3 of them being children) staying in my home while I wrap up final preparations.  

We have about 4 days of nothing planned and were going to take the kids to NYC but nixed the plan and decided to save the money for a family vacation in the spring/summer.  Instead we will stay with a close friend in VA.  She has 2 kids and our kids get along pretty well.  Unfortunately i'll also need to rent a car so we can go back and forth to DC to take the kids out to do things.  I'm looking forward to hanging out with my friend since this is the only time of year that I get to see her.  But i'll take it because once a year is a lot in the bigger scheme of things.  I mean I have friends I only see once every couple of years and they are closer to me then Jen is.

Anyway, I feel a little bit overwhelmed planning our trip.  We'll be gone for 2 weeks and outside of the wedding and Thanksgiving I don't know what we'll be doing.  We've been to DC a couple of times and quite honestly we've done all the major attractions and museums.  I'll need to uncover some hidden gems and some awesome parks to hold my kiddos attention.


I Am Rising Yet We Could Have Risen Together

I think it's funny when someone criticizes or questions until exhaustion something you believe in and that is 100% working for you only to see them get on board with your process years later.

Hrrrrmmmpppffff....wouldn't it have been easier if you got on board years ago and we could have lifted each other up?

I think so. And I think we would have enjoyed doing it together.

Because now, i laugh at what I see and can't even get on board with your process in any serious manner.  Especially when your process to get their has been filled with "schemes" and false truths.

Fall is Here

List 057

I love Fall.  Fall is so beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest.  The changing of the leaves, the crisp air that begins to roll in and the beginning of the gray and rain that we are so well known for.  Besides that I love that I get to unpack my jackets, sweaters, beanies and light scarves.  I love layering and getting cozi in my sweaters.  I love that I can wear boots again and can cuddle up in the evening with steaming tea and blankets with a fire blazing in the background.  

Granted I love summers, I didn't used to.  But when you live in an environment where it feels like you are living in a constant state of gray and wet you can really appreciate some warm weather!  

However, back to Fall.

Fall is that time of year when I get to wear all my favorite things without having to throw on a bulky coat over it all.  I can wear a myriad of jackets and sweaters, i can wear dresses with tights and besides wearing boots we do have a sprinkling of days and nights where one can still wear an open toe sandal.  

Plus fall also has the pretty leaves, and all the homey cinnamon and nutmeg flavors.  I'm not going to mention the pumpkin flavored items because, outside of breads and muffins, i'm not a fan.

But fall for me is leather jackets, black jeans, fingerless gloves, maybe a lightweight scarf.  Oh fall....you are the best.



Nine months ago we promised the kiddos a cat.  Our eldest wanted an orange cat.  We looked for an orange cat but no dice.  Instead we got a solid black cat.  Which is very fitting for our family.  That, I cannot explain but if you meet us it makes sense.

We named the cat Shoyu, which is what us Hawaii people call Soy Sauce.  We actually had a family meeting to discuss the name.  I wanted Nardo.  Then my son started calling him Nards and T said, "nope, I cannot have a pet that I call "nards"" so that name was nixed.  We tossed around a few names and settled first on Paco, which Big Red came up with.  I actually like the name, a lot.  But it just didn't fit the Feline member of the family.  So another family meeting ensued.  We settled on Shoyu.  And you know what, it fits.  He answers to it.  It's unique.  It's not overly cutesy or complicated to say ( like Buchanan, which was his name when we adopted him.)  So yes, Shoyu is a him.  He's just about 1 years old and was given up by his previous family.

Shoyu has settled in nicely with our family.  The kiddos simply love him to pieces and are so happy to have a pet.  Shoyu is great with the kids and always seems to love their affection when they each wake up and when they each come home from school.  He's a cat, so I mean, what else, right?  He spends the school hours mostly sleeping, sometimes hanging out with me.  He isn't destructive.  He isn't overly needy.  He is perfect for us.  


Stream of Conciousness- Friends

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh......Sometimes, life just feels this way.  It's not often but it does happen.  And for me it's always the same reason and that reason makes me so furious because it means so much more then what the situation calls for.

First, let's back up a little bit.  About five years ago I decided to make some changes in my life.  

  • Let things go.  Don't dwell on things I cannot control.  Deal with the feeling/emotion/person now and then let it all roll off my back.  
  • Say no.  I was sick and tired of always saying "yes" and then kind of dreading the thing I had to do but really didn't want to.  I mean really, why am I doing this if I don't really want to?
  • Do what makes me happy.  Whether that's making me happy because it makes other people happy or making me happy because it is something I truly want to do.  My life is precious to me and I don't want to live it doing things I don't want to do (see bullet point two) or it doesn't make me happy.
  • Live passionately.  I feel this is different then doing things that make me happy.  I want to live in the moment and make my dreams become reality.  I don't want to live in the "we should...," "one day.....," "if only...." BS.  I want to do it all.  I want my kids to experience the world, both near and far.  I want us to live life to the fullest because we want to.  
So let's now talk about letting things go.  I've ranted on about a single person in the past.  I don't reach out any longer, except birthday's because hey, FB makes it easy to just type in HBD and poof it's posted and you're done.  Anyway, when I believed I was no longer being prioritized I stopped reaching out to see what would happen.  And what I expected to happen, happened.  No surprise.  Was I pissed?  For sure.  Do I really care?  I'm hurt by it but not enough to reach out and say "what's up?" because then it's me again, reaching out and beating the dead animal.  So this person is hidden on FB so I don't have to deal with their updates and it totally works.  Ive gone and looked at their page just to see what's going on in their life.  Yeah, i'll "like" certain things.  Then there are days where I go in and check things out and random things will stick out and hurt all over again.  I don't understand where things went wrong and why.  I have my suspicions but have never really got any closure.  I don't even know if I need it at this point.  The thought that this one, single, person can make me so upset is mind boggling and upsets me more.  I'm sure its the hurt and realization that I was just so blatantly de-prioritized. I always made time for this person because she was my friend and you do that for your friend.  Friendship is a two way street and it started to feel one way and its upsetting.  Honestly, if I didn't already know this person I honestly don't know if we would be friends.  Probably not. 

I'm learning to let this one go.  All the feelings need to be processed and released.  I'll take the memories, be thankful for what we had and then cest le vie.  This is my biggest hurdle right now, which in the bigger scheme of things is not to bad.  I need to light a candle, burn some sage and just be grateful for the time this person was in my life, but now it is truly time to move on.

This is a work in progress and i'd like to tidy all these feelings up and release it at the close of 2017.  


Let's Start Anew

It's been a really long time.  Life's been busy, especially this past (school) year, 2016-2017.  I feel like much of the past year was preparing to move to our house in the country.  We made the definitive decision to make the mood at the beginning of 2017.  Knowing our lease was up in Seattle in May/June, and knowing full well they would be increasing the rent we decided to take the leap.

We love our country house, its peaceful, its spacious, and it really is everything we've ever hoped for.  Our days of VRBOing and long term renting are over.  We moved into our home, full time, on June 26th.  Truthfully, as excited as I was to move I was equally nervous.  I'd be saying so long to the best neighborhood i've ever lived in, i'd be saying good bye to wonderful friends, and I was saying au revoir to a bustling, albeit congested, diverse city.  However, i've now been in our house for almost 3-months.  We are 95% unpacked, and with the kids back in school our routine is slowing coming together.  The kids have made new school friends and are involved in some after school activities.  I haven't made any friends with parents yet but that's understandable since school just started.  We have some friends that live a few minutes away, so its nice to be able to swing by for adult conversation.  But with summer recently over, i'm actually enjoying the time alone for now.  

We were able to create a home gym at the house.  Much of our gym equipment we received for free either off of our Magnolia Buy Nothing group or by trading with friends.   It's quite stocked and i'm enjoying my workouts a lot more.  We will need to invest in more weight plates but no big deal.  It's just great having the free weights, TRX, a squat rack (!) and to pieces of cardio (our elliptical and a treadmill). 

I was also able to purchase a new car before we moved.  Literally, we paid our last month of Seattle rent and started the car hunt.  It was important to me that we found a car that fit all of us and was 4WD! After researching so many types of SUVs we found something we not only had on our wish list but also one of the vehicles that consistently had great reviews!  Score!  

Life is good.  I can't complain about much.  We are all healthy and happy and living the best we can every, single day.  Making the move to the country may be far from the lifestyle we lived previously but as for quality of life we will be very, very happy!


Moving Out of The City

*******Found this incomplete post from April 2017.  Just going ahead and posting it as is.....

After much going back and forth, we have decided to leave Seattle and move into our dream home just East of Tacoma.  We are not moving far away, I mean really, we are about an hour south of Seattle.  So day to day life will be in the country and occasionally we'll hit Seattle up for activities and visiting our lovely friends.  

Since our tenants moved in we have really missed going to our little slice of heaven.  Only recently have I gone there and it was to drop some stuff off in the workshop.  


...April 2017

I've taken a nice long hiatus!  It wasn't intentional but life has been busy.  Real busy.  But here we are in a new year.

I guess i'll quickly recap the last few months.  

  • We stayed in Seattle for Thanksgiving.  Airfare to the east coast was pretty pricey this year so we opted to stay close to home and do a nice dinner out at Palisades.  We did the usual Thanksgiving rituals of checking out the Christmas Tree walk at the Fairmont Olympic as well as the amazing gingerbread houses downtown.  Dinner was alright, forgettable but alright.

  • Mom visited for Christmas.  We haven't had a parent out here for a major holiday in a while so it was nice.  My mom has a fear that she doesn't have very many Christmas' left where the kids will enjoy her being in town.  I call phooey, they will always love my mom and dad coming to visit us.
  • T and I dressed alike more times then I can count.

  • In January 2017 T and I went to England for 2-weeks and left the kids at home with a sitter.  This was our first major travel without our kids and I was nervous but thrilled.  It was the first time in over 10-years that I only had to be responsible for myself.  T had business in England so it was a lot of relaxing and sightseeing for me.  We primarily stayed in Brighton (beautiful!) but we also went to London.  

We went to a Brighton Hove Albion football match

We were straight up tourist in London visiting Tower Bridge

...and Big Ben

....and Buckingham Palace
  • London was amazing but a few days after coming home we got snow, in February.  Kids got a snow day and I took them sledding! 

Beautiful snow covered Magnolia

  • We were in Seattle for a week before we took off for Hawaii for 3-weeks.  See what I mean, we've been busy.  Hawaii was, well Hawaii.  We beached it.  We ate sensibly.  We relaxed.  We hung out with family.  It was our first trip back as a family since my mother-in-law passed away.  I can't imagine how strange that must have been for my husband.  Especially since she is not buried in Hawaii so he has no place to go and pay his respects.  But Hawaii was what we needed.  rest, relax and family!
  • My cousin came to visit a week after we returned from Hawaii.  That kept me busy every day.
  • Then it was a whirlwind of finishing taxes, or trying to.  We are now in Mid-march, time has flown by!!!!
  • Now we are in mid-April.  Taxes were filed and we've received our returns.  Easter was great!  We have amazingly shitty weather and have more rain then I have experienced my entire time living in the PNW.  Really, this year has been nuts! And they say global warming isn't real.  Bullshit!
  • We decided not to renew our lease in Seattle and are taking the leap to move....more on that later....
But in a nutshell that's what's been happening.