Weight Loss Journey - Still On My Path

The journey continues!  I'm still making progress but wow, the holidays are tough.  I'm not eating badly but I feel like we're out of the house more often and yes we have had our hand at sweets passing through our home.  I made my ever popular Sweet & Salty nuts for the kid's teachers and for T's work and yes I had some.  Okay, truth is, more then some but I did not binge.  I'm not happy with my choice in having some because there is a lot of sugar in those nuts.  But it is now out of the house.

It's a new week.  No more sweets for me.  I'm strapping in and going hardcore for the next 4 days because I know on Christmas I'm having a holiday dinner with pals then again, its hardcore. 

I've  upped the exercise game.  With very few exceptions I'm plugging in about 2.5 - 3 hrs of exercise per day, eating well although not as frequently as I should which I need to fine tune and get back to routine.  But all in all i'm doing good.

I'm down 28 lbs and have gone down a few dress sizes.  I feel fabulous.  Energized and healthy.  I'm not at my goal yet and honestly I have 2 goals.  I have my goal weight for Hawaii and I have my real goal weight which continues when I get back from vacation.  Once I reach my Hawaii goal I would love to lose an additional 20lbs.  Is that realistic?  I don't know, maybe an additional 10lbs is more realistic and a healthy goal so we'll see, i'll probably reassess at each 5-10 milestone.

I have my days that I feel extra bloated and gross and I don't want to get on the scale.  This is one of those weeks, cause you know, lady problems.  It's disgusting how bloated you can feel as a result.  I'm also frustrated by my tummy.  We all have issues mine is my thighs and tummy.  Firstly my thighs, they are round and, hmmm, womanly.  Maybe its genetics, maybe its not.  I do lots of squats which tone it which is better then it being floppy but when I see skinny legs I can dream.  But slowly i'm accepting them for what they are and learning to love them.  Next is my tummy.  It's gross.  Look, I've had three kids and got pretty darn big with each pregnancy.  So i'm not going to lie I have a bazillion badges of honor, aka stretch marks and they aren't going anywhere.  They are deep and large and they are what they are.  But I also have a squishy tummy with some loose skin.  It's gross but has gotten a lot better looking since losing weight and toning the muscle buried deep under all that stuff.
I do what I can and one of the biggest things I can do is body acceptance and i'm working on it and its getting a lot better.  Seeing the change in my body had made me accept myself in ways I never thought possible.  Without my three babies my body wouldn't be the way it is and I'm okay with that because my babies are a huge part of my world and I know why I look the way I do and I change what I can to make me feel  healthier and happier.

Change is happening and my journey has been successful and will continue.


Life Got Really Busy!

Oooops....It's been a while since I've blogged.  Life got really busy just before Halloween.  But we'll pick up at Halloween.  Our neighborhood has a great little early Halloween kid event.  The Village closes off the main streets and all the retail spots open their doors to the kids to trick or treat.  The streets are filled with families all dressed up for the holiday.  T wasn't able to come home early so I headed down with a friend of mine and her two kids.  It was a great time!  We trick or treated for an hour or so, picked up a take out pizza and came back to my place for dinner.  Around 730, T and my friends husband took the kids back out to go trick or treating around the neighborhood as we live on the street with all the great big decorated houses so it was sure to be so fun for them!  And yes, I dressed up to take my kids trick or treating!
T had a birthday in early November, we just had a small at home birthday celebration that involved cake.  And a few days later mom arrived into town for the rest of November.  Thanksgiving was eaten out, as usual.  I'm sure we may have only a year left of this since the boys appetites are finally ramping up and I can justify cooking a full spread.  I'm not one for days and days of thanksgiving leftovers so that's always held me back with cooking.  Also in November we received our first snow fall.  The weather stayed so cold after the snow that it took about 4 days before it finally melted away.  It was damn frigid but we all enjoyed seeing the white stuff out our window.
Seemingly out of nowhere my kids seem to have gotten so big.  Normally I don't notice these things since I see them everyday.  But I am totally noticing it.  Big Red is getting big and heavy and his appetite is ferocious!  He's in to extracurricular activities now swimming and gymnastics and he's working out at home using the elliptical and a little bit of conditioning.  Donx has grown a lot, he's taller then his older brother.  He's been lean all his life and is now gaining a little bit of weight and its noticeable on his frame.  He is no longer looking like a little boy but really like an older boy.  He'll be nine in a week and a half but he acts 16.  Crash turned 5 last week.  She's gotten taller, she's so smart and very, very clever.  She's pretty amazing!  But so many changes in such a short period of time!
And of course the day after Thanksgiving we started decorating for Christmas and even had presents to wrap and throw under the tree to make us all excited!

Now an update on my Weight loss Journey!
I'm still seeing my trainer and she kicks my ass on a weekly basis!  I love the workout pain.  My trainer gives me so much motivation and it holds me accountable to keep up with my journey.  I've had zero thoughts of ever giving up and am pushing through like a tiger!  I'm learning more about good nutritional habits and working out.  I'm doing a lot of light weights at home to grow my muscles and to tone up.  I've also learned to pick and choose my food battles around all these holidays and overall i'm making great choices in situations beyond my control. 
My favorite pre and sometimes post workout meal is avocado toast on daves killer bread with a protein coffee.  So let me clarify, i'm not totally stoked drinking all the calories in a smoothie anymore so i've now been adding my whey protein powder to my morning coffee, just the first cup.  That's 20g of protein in one drink, a drink that I have everyday.  Boom!  easy peasy!
Overall i'm feeling healthy and strong.  My energy is great and my stamina and motivation is fantastic!  I'm down 26lbs!  I can't believe it!  I'm super happy with wear I am now.
Hawaii is a month away and I have a mental goal in mind.  I'm working towards this short term goal for now and will deal with my longer term goal once vacation is wrapped up.  I have confidence I can do it and am working hard to hit it.  I'm working out 6 days a week, with daily 2hrs of cardio and every other day strengthening and weights so i'm hoping it won't be to long before I hit my first target!  
Wish me luck!!


Sartorial Thursdays: Team Spirit

Last week Saturday we went to the final Seattle Sounders game of the season.  They headed off against the LA Galaxy, my old home town and defeated them 2-0.  It was amazing and allowed the Sounders to take home the Fan Shield which was up for grabs that Saturday.  

The power and excitement of being at a professional soccer game is exhilarating!  The cheering, roars and smack talk to the opposing teams is so much fun that even my kids get into all the noise.  4.5 year old Crash was the loudest of my three kids, the cheering, yelling and stomping coming from her little persons really made me smile.  Topped with all the kettlecorn it was a great combination. 

List 042

List 042 by seattlemom featuring a movie box
Team spirit is more then evident when at a Sounders game.  Thus, my Sartorial Thursday is all about Sounders Team Spirit.  If you have a home team scarf and a top you are set.  We bond together as fans supporting our team.  Even local brewer Red Hook, the official Sounders brewery, makes a special brew supporting the Sounders, ECS No Equal.  It's delicious!

Good Luck in the Semifinals Sounders!  


Weight Loss Journey - Training Day 9

*The above photo is 2 weeks old and i'm down a couple pounds since I took the week 6 photo.  As a reminder I was down 7 lbs in the week 3 photo and in the week 6 down about 10 lbs.

I missed my Training Day 8 post.  I was busy but it happened!

I met with my trainer day and it went great.  We did a nice assortment of small circuit groups and as usual it kicked my ass.  I sweat like a crazy person when I work out but all that sweat makes me feel great!

It's always so nice to hear my trainer complement my endurance and increased strength.  It really means a lot to me.  

My diet is going well.  Yeah, i'm a little bit bored of the flavors, especially the chicken but it doesn't really bother me. I've disconnected my need for food to be entertaining and social but rather fuel for my body to work out and gain nourishment.  I've introduced some carbs into my diet by way of the occasional sweet potato or Dave's Killer Powered Thins.  But i'll be tapering it down, I don't want to go to long with eating to much carbs.

I'm down 12 lbs and have been for 2 weeks.  A standstill! Grrrrrrrr......That being a pain point for me I'm doing a "two week reboot" and eating super clean, extra super low cal.  My trainer suggested this as she'll do it after the holidays to give her system a kick in the pants.  So i'm doing it so I feel rejuvenated and to drop a couple more pounds.  Wish me luck.  Weigh in is tomorrow morning and i'll do a "weigh out" two weeks form tomorrow.

Here to more progress!


List: Five Things Week of October 27

List 041

List 041 by seattlemom featuring a fitted hoodie

Am I the last one to the avocado toast game?  Because I really, really feel like it!  IF there is anyone out there that has not tried this amazing combo you must!  It is delicious, filling and so comforting.  It's super easy to throw together, what you need:
A good bread (I like Dave's Killer Powerseed Thins which are only 60 cal per slice)
1/2 an avocado
Lemon juice
sea salt
pepper/red pepper flakes
olive oil (optional)

The how to:
scoop out the half of avocado into a bowl and mash it with a fork until desired chunkiness or smoothness
squeeze in a little lemon juice, i add about 1 tsp
toast your bread to desired cripiness
shmear your avocado mash on the toast
once shmeared, add sea salt and red pepper flakes.  if you don't like red pepper flakes you can add black pepper or even tapatio/hot sauce which I enjoy.  
(optional) if you like you can drizzle a bit of olive oil or if you don't want to drizzle you can add a couple of drops of olive oil into the avocado mashing process
eat and enjoy!

Seriously this dish is wonderful!

I recently stumbled upon the Jansport Swinger bag, which by the way comes in a few colors.  Free People offered it in a brilliant turquoise color, not me but still beautiful for someone else.  This is definitely something I'd love to have and have added it to my Christmas wish list so fingers crossed!  Jansport is such a classic line, I mean what child didn't have at least one Jansport backpack during their school career?  My son's school books have recently outgrown is Fjallraven Kanken so I bought him a large Jansport 'Big Student' backpack and its perfect.  So many compartments for all of his stuff.  Besides the bags we've all come to recognize as Jansport they also have a line called Heritage Series which I think is AMAZING!  It's super old school and retro looking and could definitely rival the Kanken's and Herschels (which really isn't super innovative to begin with.)  But that Swinger crossbody.....so cute!

Everything else makes their rotation into my wardrobe this season and will remain until we see warm weather again.  I've had a green parka for years and I love it.  It matches everything, casual or fancy.  It's cozy and super durable.  

Now I want to go eat some avocado toast!


The Big Picture

I live in the city but my dream is to live some place more country, maybe even a teeny bit rural but still be no further then 1-1.5 hours from the city.  You can do that here in Washington, in case you were wondering.  

I love the city.  The architecture, food, culture and the general urban feeling cities exude.  But the dream is to leave the city, work remotely and live a more, laid back, down to earth life on a large plot of land with the home of our dreams.  We envision lots of land, some territorial views that would block the view to and fro from any neighbors.  Spacious renovated cottage/farm home, maybe even a prefab modern home, with lots of glass.  Space and comfort and lots of room for the kids to explore and be kids.  Hell, maybe even a dog!  That's what we work our ass off for.  Why we choose to be as frugal as we comfortably can.  Why we strategize to pay off existing debt and save.  All for this dream, if you will.

Today I saw this piece in the New York Times and this woman is living the dream I envision for myself.  Its perfect!

For now, we plan, save, enjoy our every day life in our amazing city and dream!


Sartorial Thursday - Cozy Fall Days

List 040

List 040 by seattlemom featuring STELLA McCARTNEY

It's finally feeling like fall!  We have been having much cooler temps in the low 60s and high 50s with cool winds and rain.  So drastic in comparison to even a week ago.  But I'm okay with it.  I've rotated a most of my sweaters back into my closet, my coats are out of storage and my shoe wear have definitely been switched up.  I love dressing for Fall.  Everything fall is so cozy and comforting.  The textures are wonderful and the smells of fall are delicious.  I want the fall weather to stick around for much longer then just a couple of months.

But that sweater dress though!