Summer's Still Here

The funny thing about living in the Pacific Northwest is that visitors seem to rear themselves  in the summer and early fall. That's it.  Consequently, I also experienced this in Chicago but we're talking about Seattle.  Anyway, When the gray goes away friends and family appear.  That's cool with me, as they myriad of activities are abundant and our summer seems to last forever with people coming and going.

My parent's recently left after a nice long visit and we had a little break and by little break I mean I had just enough time to decompress and get the house cleaned up since I barely cleaned while my parents were in town.  But now, its about 12 days since there departure and i'll be picking my brother in law up in a few hours.  

We last saw the BIL in March/April when we flew out to Washington DC to visit him.  We postponed our original trip out east due to that pesky polar vortex, pushed it out a month and we were very happy with that decision.   It was great to see the BIL on his turf because in the past it we only saw him in Hawaii or where ever we were living at the time.  Also it was our first family trip that didn't include going to Hawaii or somewhere in our car.  It was a long journey that was incredible!

Starting today we will have the BIL for a week.  And we've got some fun stuff planned to round out our summer break.  

Let the games begin! 


Sartorial Thursday: Hot Days

We don't have a lot of really hot days here in Seattle, but when we do it catches us all off guard and seriously everyone where's as little as possible.  The heat feels good and its always fun dressing for this type of weather.
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What We've Been Up To

My parent's were in town for nearly 2-weeks and they kept me pretty busy.  We shopped, we visited places, we ate out a lot, and our neighborhood had their annual Summerfest which is associated with Seattle's Seafair events.  It was a fun, memorable and exhausting couple of weeks.

We spent one beautiful morning flying kites at Discovery Park.  I've written about Discovery park numerous times in the past and I feel like no matter how many times I write about it i'll probably never fully capture the spirit of the parks entirety.  On this day we stayed over at the meadow near Fort Lawton.  The meadow is very large and sloppy and the trees are mainly on the edges so its great for kite flying.  We flew kites for an hour or so, laid in the field collecting dandelions and just enjoyed the sunny morning.  It was really idyllic and to me what summers are all about. 
The kids are fantastic kite flyers and on this day we actually brought out our big "fancy" kites.  OMG was it hard to fly!  We'll definitely need some practice on flying the bigger, 3D type kites.  I'm sure we'll have some time to get more practice in before summer comes to a close.

During the first weekend of August my neighborhood has their annual Summerfest event.  It's 2-days of entertainment, various vendors, games and lots of rides/bouncy houses.  One of the big highlights is the parade.  We secured a spot an hour before the parade started, we made sure we were right up front so the kids could score on all the candy that usually gets tossed out.  And score they did.  The Seafair pirates and clowns made an appearance as well as the Sea gals, and as usual the kids had a BLAST!  On the first night we watched the kids talent show and it was fun:  singing, dancing, and acrobatics exactly what you would imagine.  On the second day my daughter was part of the entertainment since her hula halau usually puts on a great performance.  Since she's in the youngest group her part wasn't to big but enough for her to feel like a rockstar by being on stage.
Our local farmer's market is seasonal, and right down the street from our house so we are trying to enjoy it as much as we can.  I feel so lucky to have this in walking distance and all the extras they have, for kids, are so wonderful.  This weekend a local pizza shop hosted pizza dough tossing for the kids as well as building zucchini race cars which also included a 3-lane track for kids to race their finished products.

My boys are officially done with summer camps for the summer and are home with me this week.  Since little Crash is in her final week of camp I want to make this time with the boys extra special.  We went to the beach this morning and I let them play until lunchtime and they had a great time.  It was a 90+ degree day so it was perfect to be around the water.  I love my boys so much and when I can have time with them alone I want to soak it all up!

Five Things - Week of August 11

I've had my week of recuperating after the parents visit.  I've got 2 kids home and one in camp so its no big deal.  But, what a perfect way to ease back into my blog with this weeks 5 things.
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Out for the Week

Mom & dad are back in Hawaii.  Taking the week off to regroup.  


Sartorial Thursday: Parade Wear

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List 024 by seattlemom featuring a gold tone necklace

Parades!  Fun stuff for our family.  A few things are always a given with a summer parade. 1) Heat, 2) lots of waiting and 3) i'll likely be sitting on the ground on a curb.  I normally go for as little clothes as possible, lots of sunscreen, being comfortable and lastly some sort of shade device like a hat or an umbrella.  Everything else are all the little extras that make the outfit my own.  A piece of statement jewelry, some fun sunglasses and parade snacks and toys.  My kids love a good bubble gun at a parade, I love a cold snack like a shaved ice or popsicle.  

We're attending our local parade this Saturday and its going to be nice and hot!  I can't wait.